Athletics World Cup

Congratulations to Miriam & Barry Dorrity who were selected to officiate at this years resurrected Athletics World Cup at the London Stadium in July. Miriam had a great day timekeeping, and acting as chief timekeeper, and Barry worked hard track judging, and also thoroughly enjoyed the event. Both Miriam and Barry are working towards their Level 4 timekeeping & track judging qualifications respectively, which will allow them to officiate at national level events, which is a great achievement and requires a lot of travelling around the UK to complete the requirements, but they still find time to come and officiate for the club. They are also regularly involved in Para Athletics events at Stoke Mandeville along with our other track judge Ray Clark. As I type this Miriam & Barry will be enjoying a break in Berlin, watching the European Athletics Championships.
So a huge thank you to all of our officials (including those I haven’t mentioned) for giving up your time to represent our club at local, national and international events, without you our teams could’t compete in all our leagues.
So maybe you’ve had to finally admit that you might not make it as an athlete to the next world championships or even the Olympics, but you could still make it as an official! Please ask if you are interested in becoming an official, a short course (paid for by the club) is all it takes!
Liz Duffin

East Pechkam 10k – 5th August 2018

Full results are available at:

Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
4 0:38:39 0:38:36 Steven Chalken M
5 0:38:59 0:38:56 Steve Chivers M40
6 0:39:24 0:39:21 Daniel Grimwood M40
8 0:39:46 0:39:43 Becky Morrish F 1st female
12 0:40:41 0:40:40 David Sampson M55
31 0:45:05 0:44:59 Philip Northfield M55
35 0:46:25 0:46:23 John Tolhurst M60
36 0:46:31 0:46:24 Mandy Barker F40
39 0:47:08 0:47:04 Kate Cole F40
41 0:47:27 0:47:22 Thomas Barker M
53 0:48:43 0:48:35 Tim Veysey-Smith M55
58 0:49:16 0:49:08 Paul Graves M50
61 0:50:01 0:49:54 Simon Poole M50
85 0:54:34 0:54:27 Simon Barker M45
88 0:54:53 0:54:44 Ron Carr M65
93 0:55:19 0:55:15 Fiona Townend F45
96 0:55:48 0:55:38 Lorraine Shepheard F55
108 0:57:51 0:57:36 Melissa Ferns F50
114 0:58:29 0:58:20 Keeley Hoad F40
125 1:00:09 0:59:54 Susan Chivers F60
146 1:04:35 1:04:21 Annie Ross F65

Steven, Steve and Daniel were the 1st male team and Becky, Mandy and Kate were the 1st female team.

Tonbridge parkrun – 11th August 2018

A total of 489 runners took part.

View full results for Tonbridge parkrun event #247


Position  ↓ Gender Position  ↓ parkrunner  ↓ Club  ↓ Run Time  ↓
7 6 James RIDGER Paddock Wood AC 00:18:15
61 52 David DICKSON Paddock Wood AC 00:22:03
163 140 Gareth HUGHES Paddock Wood AC 00:25:44
225 41 Keeley HOAD Paddock Wood AC 00:27:30
294 67 Chloe KEEN Paddock Wood AC 00:29:02
387 270 Mike EMERY Paddock Wood AC 00:33:45
466 170 Maggie HOAD Paddock Wood AC 00:41:48