Important Changes to the London Marathon Water Station Criteria

Important information is enclosed within this article and the supporting document

Please take the time to read this article and the document below carefully and to think what impact that the new policy requirements may have on you / your family / and friends

Following the 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon, London Marathon Events have undertaken a comprehensive review of the full drink station and volunteering process.

This review has involved numerous staff members from London Marathon Events, up to and including the Race Director. Feedback provided by water stations as well as knowledge from within the LM team and expertise from marathons around the world has been used to agree on a series of changes to the way in which water will be provided to the runners on the course for 2019.

To summarise, at the 2019 event, some stations historically used on the route will no longer be used. Significant changes have also been made to the way in which the water stations are staffed and changes have also been made to the process for pre-event registration and communication between water station volunteers and London Marathon Events.

London Marathon Events are confident that implementing these changes will result in significant improvements. Namely, we will see a huge reduction in the volume of plastic waste generated by the event whilst still ensuring the Virgin Money London Marathon remains the best marathon in the world and delivers a world class experience to all runners.

It is hoped that the changes will ensure that the Virgin Money London Marathon remains at the pinnacle of the running world and it is believed that making these changes will play a significant role in allowing this to happen.

Please be aware that the PWAC committee have discussed these changes at length and their impact on the club.

Although the changes to junior participation in particular will affect a number of our water station volunteers and their families.  it has been agreed by the PWAC committee that as a club we should still be involved once again at the water station in probably what is the best mass participation marathon in the world.

I have agreed to be the water station Team Leader once again with Jeanette as my appointed named assistant.

Should  you , your family or friends wish to become a water station volunteer please let me know ASAP by email.  I will then send  you out  the sign up link as soon as I receive it from LM.

Please make sure you have read the attachment it will explain everything and that you fully understand its consequences to you and your family

Should you require any further information or have any questions please feel free to ask.


Richard Elliott

London Marathon Water Station Team Leader

Mob: 07970817664


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