So Let’s Go Running – Issue 68

Please find below your FREE electronic copy of Issue 68 of ‘So Let’s Go Running…’, the Dartford-based community running magazine.

Besides having an eclectic mix of interesting and informative articles from our regular collective of contributors for you to read. In return, we will welcome any articles that you might wish to contribute.

Among our readers, we possibly already have some of your members, some of who might have already written articles for us, but also, we have some Olympic athletes (past and present), some National Athletics Coaches and editorial staff from other leading running magazines as readers and contributors.

Plus we are looking at working alongside some manufacturers and distributors of running-related products and will be looking for volunteers who are willing to do product reviews for us, so it is looking very positive for everyone.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Brian at for further information

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