PWAC 1 Mile Time Trial – 1st August 2017

Paddock Wood Athletic Club

August 1st 2017 Mile Time

Name Aug Time Age Grade Standard
David Sampson 5.34 80.74% PLATINUM 1
Mike Walters 5.44 67.96% GOLD 1
Ian Sutherland 5.50 68.31% GOLD 1
Trevor Crysell 5.55 71.69% GOLD 2
Stephen Large 6.15 65.75% GOLD 1
John Tolhurst 6.20 74.45% GOLD 2
Mark Wild 6.21 64.73% SILVER 3
Chris Twynam 6.56 66.53% GOLD 1
Gary Ridley 7.09 59.81% SILVER 2
Paul Nightingale 7.15 55.38% SILVER 2
Keeley Hoad 7.25 60.31% SILVER 3
Melisa Ferns 7.28 66.73% GOLD 1
Julie Pilbeam 8.13 58.41% SILVER 2
Richard Harris 8.16 62.91% SILVER 3
Sue Chivers 8.18 67.97% GOLD 1
Jess (Kelly) Large 9.00 49.70% BRONZE 3
Claire Godsell 9.04 52.94% SILVER 1
Penny Roberts 9.14 72.36% GOLD 2
Jeanette Elliott 10.12 57.64% SILVER 2
Christina Finn 10.50 40.17% BRONZE 2

Well the hard work you are all putting into your training is definitely paying off and it showed on the track on Tuesday 1st August. Very very well done to all those that made the effort to take part.

We had 1 Platinum standard run and yes it was the machine David Sampson along with 9  Gold standard runs to prove my point. I believe we also had a number of new PBs. Our 4 debutants can also be very proud of their first time efforts.

Once the results were age graded the top 3 on the evening showed that age does not matter with David Sampson coming out on top with an age graded score of 80.74% followed in second place by John Tolhurst achieving a score of 74.45% and in third place Penny Roberts with a score of 72.36%.

Special mention must also go to Trevor Crysell with a graded result of 71.69% and Mark Wild with a 64.73% result obviously fresh like David from there epic efforts on their Land’s End to John O’Groats bike ride.

Thank you must go to John Tolhurst for age grading the results using the latest World Masters Association 2015 tables,  : and to Nick Brown for looking after the time keeping duties.

Hopefully we will see you all again plus a few more of you on September 7th for the next mile time trial.  You can use your mile time to get an approximate 10k time by multiplying your time by 7.2.

Richard Elliott, Level 3 Endurance Coach.

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