PWAC 2 Mile Time Trial – 5th October 2017

Paddock Wood Athletic Club

October 5th 2017 2 Mile Time

Name Oct Time Age Grade Standard
Charles George 11:14:0 74.76 G2
Steve Chalklen 11:30:8 69.58 G1
David Sampson 11:59:8 79.97 G3
Nick Denbow 12:40:1 72.56 G2
Trevor Crysell 12:58:1 69.74 G1
Emma Hollands 13:18:4 73.81 G2
John Tolhurst 13:29:8 74.90 G2
Tom Barker 13:33:7 61.98 S3
Nick Smith 13:41:7 62.09 S3
Paul Graves 14:17:2 63.82 S3
Paul Mace 14:23:7 59.98 S2
Simon Barker 15:08:9 57.44 S2
Mandy Barker 15:15:9 63.36 S3
Vicky Holden 15:24:1 59.70 S2
Jade Hollet – Digby 16:31:5 54.76 S1
Jane Pilbeam 16:53:6 60.29 S3
Julie Harker 16:54:6 58.79 S2
Sue Chivers 17:24:1 68.62 G1
Di Tilston 17:27:8 55.07 S2
Lorna Goldup 19:44:7 49.75 B3

A big thank you goes to the 20 athletes that turned up to run the first of this autumn’s time trials. In the first of this seasons time trials and to help integrate the clubs junior members more with the senior member’s adults and juniors ran the time trial together. Adults running 2 miles juniors 1 mile. The adults set off first on their 2 mile run closely followed by the juniors. So for 4 laps all the athletes were on the track together. This I have to say worked extremely well despite some initial reservations from the officials. Janine Brown and Julian Seal must take some credit for this along with all the athletes involved young and old.  Please see separate results and report on the junior athletes who took part in their time trial.

First home was the ever impressive Charles Gorge followed by Steve Chalklen and David Sampson all finishing in under 12mins, very well done gents. First lady home was the machine that is Emma Hollands followed by the ever improving Mandy Barker and Vicky Holden.

8 athletes achieved very impressive gold standards with David Sampson coming out on top in the age graded / standard stakes with an excellent gold standard 3 and an age grade of 79.97%.

Thanks must go to Miriam Dorrity for looking after the time keeping duties, Barry Dorrity, Jeanette Elliott and John Tilston for looking after the track judging duties along with John Tolhurst for age grading the results using the latest World Masters Association 2015 tables:, we could not run this event without their continued support.

Hopefully we will see you all again plus a few more of our athletes on 2nd November for the next 2 mile time trial.

Richard Elliott   PWAC Endurance Coach Level 3

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