PWAC Spring/Summer 2018 5km Handicap Series


We have set up an online registration form which can be found at or under the members section of the website. You must be logged in to the website in order to register for the events.


The Winter handicap proved so popular we’ve decided to bring it back.  The idea is that an athletes score is based on a handicap system with the theory being that all runners should finish at the same time (or as proven during the Winter handicap, very close together.) Therefore, athletes can compete on a level playing field regardless of their ability.

Series format

The 5k Summer handicap series will comprise of six runs and take place fortnightly on a Monday starting in on the 30th April at 7pm.  The best four performances will count towards your individual overall score.

Race dates will be confirmed in due course.

Allocation of athlete handicap

Handicaps will be allocated to individual athletes by the following means:

  • For the first run of the series that an individual athlete competes in, their allocated handicap will be their PB time at any Parkrun or 5km race, in minutes and seconds.
  • Where an athlete has not recorded any historical Parkrun or 5km times, a handicap can be allocated by other race distances they have PB times for using the Riegel formula as follows: T2 = T1(D2/D1) 1.06 where T1 is the previous time, D1 is the distance previously run, D2 is the new distance to be run, and T2 is the projected time for the new race. Distances can be in any unit so long as they are the same unit.
  • For those that better their previous handicap time, a new handicap time will be allocated for future runs.
  • Anyone who places 1st, 2nd, or 3rd will receive a loading in accordance with the following: 1st = 1%, 2nd = 0.5% and 3rd = 0.25%. These loadings are aggregated, so that after one win and one 2nd place in any one year, a runner will be receiving a loading of 1.50%. The reasoning for this is to make it harder for these runners to keep placing, and to spread the opportunities for placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd around other competitors.
  • So assuming a runner has a PB of 31:30 and they win the first run in exactly 30 mins, their handicap would change to 30:00 plus they would receive a 1% deduction for winning, 1% of 30 mins is 18 seconds, so the new handicap will be 29:42.

Athlete’s starting time / running order

Once all athletes handicap times have been allocated, we will start a timer counting down from the runner with the highest handicap and count down to zero, with each competitor starting when the timer counts down to their time.

For example, if Bob has the highest handicap of 42:03 and Bill has the lowest handicap of 18:31, the timer will be set to count down from 42:03. Bob will start as soon as the timer is started and Bill will start when the timer counts down to 18:31. All other athletes will start when the counter reached their handicap time. In theory, if everyone matched their PB, everyone would finish at the same time (which would be zero on the timer.) But in practice, this won’t happen, and we should have some very interesting results!

Points scoring

The first place runner will be awarded maximum points based on the number of participants, second place are awarded one less point, third place less two, and so on, the last runner is awarded one point.

Series scoring

Points are accumulated from a runner’s best 4 out of the 6 runs in the series. Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 ladies and gents overall, at the end of the series.


The undulating out and back route will start with a lap of the track (the same as the Winter handicap event).  You will proceed by heading out via Putland’s Leisure Centre, turning left onto Mascall’s Court Road following up and over the incline until you reach Chantler’s Hill.  Take the first right onto Chantler’s Hill.  Take the first left onto Waterman’s Lane.  The turning point will be carefully calculated and marshalled for your return journey back to the track finishing with an entire lap to the finish line.

Route –


This series is intended to allow everyone to run together on an equal basis, regardless of age, sex and ability. As such we hope as many members as possible take part. The handicap system will inevitably lead to some unusual results – however we should accept these as part of the spirit of the run.

Happy running folks!

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