2018 Results

2018 Results


  • Staplehurst 10k – 10th June 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/staplehurst-10k/2018
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    24 00:39:39 00:39:37 Edward Robinson M
    25 00:39:50 00:39:48 Daniel Grimwood M40
    29 00:40:03 00:40:00 Ian Sutherland M40
    33 00:40:10 00:40:07 Becky Morrish F 2nd female
    43 00:41:09 00:41:07 David Sampson M55
    71 00:44:17 00:44:08 Thomas Barker JM
    73 00:44:20 00:44:12 Kate Cole F40
    78 00:44:46 00:44:39 Paul Mace M45
    79 00:44:47 00:44:32 Mandy Barker F40
    81 00:44:52 00:44:44 Philip Northfield M45
    94 00:46:37 00:46:32 Duncan Riordan M55
    126 00:49:31 00:49:23 Alice Truett F
    247 01:00:58 01:00:41 Susan Chivers F60
    315 01:10:22 01:09:48 Lee Probert M45
  • Latest Parkrun Results

    The latest consolidated Park Run results for Paddock Wood AC, up to and including last Saturday, can be found on the Park Run website.

    Parkrun Individual Race Results

    The full list of individual Parkrun results are available here.
  • PWAC Summer 2018 Handicap 5k Event 4 – 4th June 2018

    The results are in and heating up as more people take part and we’re over half way through the series now!  Monday saw our 4th event kick off with debut competitor Keith Hollands, setting a precedent on how to maintain a lead throughout the course.  In doing so Keith managed to maintain enough of a gap to secure victory and maximum points finishing 1st, well done Keith!  2nd place Sue Chivers was only 2mins 14secs behind improving on her previous times, well done Sue!.  The “Hollands” were to dominate the podium this week with Emma Hollands finishing 3rd just 30secs behind Sue, also with a PB!  And again, well done Emma!
    The remainder of the field consisted of David Sampson in a close push to gain a position but having to settle for a PB in 4th by 3secs, Mandy Barker took 5th with a 1sec difference to her previous time, Simon Barker closing the gap down to 44secs in 6th and the asthmatic Daniel Grimwood taking a breather at half way concluding the results in 7th.
    Many thanks goes to all of you for competing and supporting the series so far.  Also any marshals who assist which goes to Nathan Chapman this week for riding out with the leader to marshal the half way turning point.  Many thanks Nathan!
    The 5th event is to take place in 2 weeks time on Monday 18th June.  I look forward to seeing you all battle it out again for those valuable points.  Please find the latest set of results attached.
    Happy running folks!


  • Vitality London 10000 – 28th May 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.vitalitylondon10000.co.uk/event-info/race-results/
    Pos Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    553 00:38:09 Harry Young M 70.07 Gold 2
    1010 00:41:25 Edward Robinson M 64.51 Silver 3
    1391 00:43:19 Aaron Rowland M 61.72 Silver 3
    1426 00:43:28 Spencer Elphick M 63.65 Silver 3
    2561 00:47:29 Phil Northfield M 62.63 Silver 3
    5662 00:55:00 Gareth Hughes M 50.03 Silver 1
  • Folkestone Coastal 10k – 27th May 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/folkestone-coastal-10k/2018
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    18 00:40:10 00:40:09 Becky Morrish F 75.55 Gold 3 2nd female
    235 00:54:54 00:54:45 Ron Carr M65 63.41 Silver 3
    366 01:03:42 01:03:27 Annie Ross F65 66.67 Gold 1 1st F65
  • Chiselhurst Half Marathon – 20th May 2018

    Full results are available at: http://www.chiptiminguk.co.uk/results/chislehurst-half-marathon
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    281 2:17:06 2:16:32 Melissa Ferns F45 54.97 Silver 1
  • PWAC Summer 2018 Handicap 5k Event 3- 14th May 2018

    Monday evening saw the 3rd series of the latest Handicap event take place and with a continued consecutive increase in participation, thank you to all those who took part. Our event was kicked off with a new entry from Clare Goodsell.  With a total of 12 competing the anticipation for a packed track at the end was looking promising.  In due course we were delighted to see our first runner return and with a sufficient lead Clare managed to hold on to her complete lead and take pole positon.  I do hope the experience of leading throughout has put Clare in high spirits to maintain the lead next time.  Clare was soon followed by Mandy Barker in 2nd who appeared to still be smiling from her PB at the weekend!  3rd went to the Phil Northfield who manages to maintain 100% attendance this series. Closely missing out on the podium with a sprint finish was Daniel Grimwood.  The remaining field consisted of Simon and Tom Barker, John Tolhurst, Kate Cole, Jamie Halliday, Daniel Mackenzie, Emma Hollands and Sue Chivers.  The whole field managed to cross the line within 3 min 30 secs from first to last place making the last 400m tense and challenging at times.  A delight to watch! My continued thanks goes to Becky for helping out with marshalling the turn point and supporting the first and last runners in and out along the course.  Thank you! Our next event is on Monday 4th June.  If you wish to take part and haven’t entered a time, please get in touch to register your starting time. Until next time…Happy running folks! John Tilston. [prettyfilelist]
  • SCVAC League, Kent Division – Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford – 14th May 2018

    Firstly well done all of team and in all not a bad night. I will let the two Trevor's argue over the bragging rights for the 200m 0.1s between them, one 1st the other 5th. Nicola with a new club record in the discus beating the 17 year old record with a throw of 15.53m. Also a claim for a Club Record a M65, 1.5kg Discus by David Perman as one does not exist at present (cheeky). The team results are below Men - Division 2 M35 200m Trevor Simms (M50) 28.4s 5th (A) Trevor Crysell (M50) 28.5s 1st (B) M50 200m Les Percival (M60) 30.3s 2nd M35 Long Jump Trevor Crysell (M50) 4.37m 1st M50 Long Jump Peter Stennett (M60) 2.42m 6th M35 Discus Trevor Crysell (M50) 13.66m 4th M50 Discus David Perman (M65) 12.05m 6th.(Club Record for M65 1.5kg Discus) M60 Discus Peter Stennett (M60) 21.40m 2nd Match Details  1 Cambridge                 7    78 2 Bromley Veterans     6     71 3 Bexley B                    5     54 4 Sevenoaks                 4     46 5 Swanley                     3     42 6 Paddock Wood            2    37 Women - Division 2 W50 Discus Nicola Whiffen (W50) 15.53m 2nd (New Club Record) Match Details  1 Tonbridge B                6     66 2 Swanley                     5     42 3 Ashford                      4     33 4 Sevenoaks                 3     14 5 Paddock Wood           2     5 Both teams could have come at least a place higher if there were athletes who were prepared to run in 1500m races, slowest time in the M35 A string race 6m 10.9s and in the B string race 6m 56.2s while in the M50 race 7m 31.9s and finally in the M60 race 8m 48.6s. While in the Women's races the slowest times were W35 A string 6m 36.6s, B string 7m 37.1s, the only competitor in the W50 race finished in 7m 49.4s and in the W60 race 8m 48.6s. The next meeting is at Tonbridge with 100m and 800m races for men and women, come along and have a go.
  • Medway River Run – 13th May 2018

    Pos Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    56:47 Jane Pilbeam F45 51.26 Silver 1
  • Gatwick Half Marathon – 13th May 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.rungatwick.com/2018-race-results/
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    174 1:35:04 Emma Hollands F40 73.81 Gold 2
    951 2:00:57 John Markham M50 53.87 Silver 1

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