2018 Results

2018 Results


  • Mount Ephraim 10k – 12th August 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/the-mount-ephraim-10k/2018
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    37 0:47:12 0:47:11 John Tolhrust M60 2nd M60
  • Latest Parkrun Results

    The latest consolidated Park Run results for Paddock Wood AC, up to and including last Saturday, can be found on the Park Run website.

    Parkrun Individual Race Results

    The full list of individual Parkrun results are available here.
  • East Pechkam 10k – 5th August 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/the-east-peckham-10k/2018
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    4 0:38:39 0:38:36 Steven Chalken M
    5 0:38:59 0:38:56 Steve Chivers M40
    6 0:39:24 0:39:21 Daniel Grimwood M40
    8 0:39:46 0:39:43 Becky Morrish F 1st female
    12 0:40:41 0:40:40 David Sampson M55
    31 0:45:05 0:44:59 Philip Northfield M55
    35 0:46:25 0:46:23 John Tolhurst M60
    36 0:46:31 0:46:24 Mandy Barker F40
    39 0:47:08 0:47:04 Kate Cole F40
    41 0:47:27 0:47:22 Thomas Barker M
    53 0:48:43 0:48:35 Tim Veysey-Smith M55
    58 0:49:16 0:49:08 Paul Graves M50
    61 0:50:01 0:49:54 Simon Poole M50
    85 0:54:34 0:54:27 Simon Barker M45
    88 0:54:53 0:54:44 Ron Carr M65
    93 0:55:19 0:55:15 Fiona Townend F45
    96 0:55:48 0:55:38 Lorraine Shepheard F55
    108 0:57:51 0:57:36 Melissa Ferns F50
    114 0:58:29 0:58:20 Keeley Hoad F40
    125 1:00:09 0:59:54 Susan Chivers F60
    146 1:04:35 1:04:21 Annie Ross F65
    Steven, Steve and Daniel were the 1st male team and Becky, Mandy and Kate were the 1st female team.


  • SCVAC League, Kent Divisions, Medway Park, Gillingham – 16th July 2018

    The final match of this season took place on a warm cloudy evening. The men's team again consisting of club members aged 50 and over finished 4th in the match beating both Bexley B and Sevenoaks AC by 1 point. Thus retaining 3rd place in the league. While the gallant effects of the three ladies in the Women's team resulted in the team finishing 3rd in the match and 3rd in the league. In the Men's 100m Mark Woods finished 2nd in the M35(A) race in 12.9s and Trevor Crysell 3rd in the M35(B) race in 14.1s. The M50 100m was won by Trevor Simms in 13.5s. Mark Woods won the M35 Discus with a throw of 23.11m, with Trevor Crysell finishing 3rd in the M50 Discus with 17.22m. In the M35 Long Jump Mark Woods jumped 4.02m to finish 3rd and Trevor Crysell won the M50 Long Jump with 4.60m. In the M60 Long Jump David Perman (yes the hammer thrower) managed to get his feet off the ground and land in the sand finish to secure 3 match points in 5th place. In the Woman's match Julie Woods won her three events the W50 100m in 18.5s, W50 Long Jump with 2.83m and the W50 Discus with 12.12m. In the W60 Discus Janet Duffin was 3rd with a throw of 6.92m. Fiona Townend in her first track and field match started with a 3rd place in the W35(A) 800m with a time of 3m 16.3s, then 2nd in the W35(A) 100m in 17.0s. The Team Manager coxed Fiona into jumping the W35 Long Jump where she finished 2nd with 3.12m and throwing the W35 Discus, finishing 3rd with 10.09m, with some quick coaching by Mick Duffin. I would like to thank all the athletes that have competed in some or all of the five matches this season. David Perman
    Division 2 Men's
    Pos Team Points League Total Match Total League
    1 Cambridge 81 7 432 35
    2 Bromley Veterans 70 6 372.5 29
    3 Paddock Wood 45 4 300 21
    4 Swanley 55 5 260.5 19.2
    5 Sevenoaks 44 2.5 233 15.5
    6 Bexley B 44 2.5 230 15
    Division 2 Women's
    Pos Team Points League Total Match Total League
    1 Tonbridge B 75 6 346 30
    2 Swanley 53 5 261 24
    3 Paddock Wood 40 4 133 16.5
    4 Sevenoaks 22 3 108 14.5
    5 Ashford 0 0 49 9
  • Sevenoaks 7 – 15th July 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.sportsystems.co.uk/ss/results/25th%20Annual%207Oaks7/3771
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    22 00:49:19 00:49:19 David Sampson M50 73.98 Gold 2
    26 00:50:03 00:50:02 Daniel Grimwood M40 63.69 Silver 3
    27 00:50:31 00:50:30 Becky Morrish F 67.89 Gold 1
    50 00:55:16 00:55:10 Mandy Barker F35 65.86 Gold 1
    90 01:01:40 01:01:35 Thomas Barker M 49.61 Bronze 3
    160 01:11:47 01:11:41 Simon Barker M40 45.92 Bronze 3
    184 01:15:32 01:15:19 Alison Fullick F45 52.05 Silver 1

  • Romney Marsh 10k – 15th July 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/the-romney-marsh-10k/2018
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    67 00:56:15 00:56:11 Ron Carr M65


    Silver 3
    93 01:04:04 01:03:58 Annie Ross F65 66.13 Gold 1
  • Mid Kent 5 – 15th July 2018

    Full results are available at: http://midkent5.co.uk/midkent5_2018%20results.pdf
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    44 36:38:00 36:32:00 Kim Stanley M60 71.72 Gold 2
    58 37:54:00 37:51:00 Duncan Riordan M55 68.60 Gold 1
    138 46:00:00 45:51:00 Melissa Ferns F50 60.16 Silver 3
    143 46:47:00 46:47:00 Ian M Bailey M70 62.31 Silver 3
    158 48:15:00 48:05:00 Keeley Hoad F40 52.44 Silver 1

  • PWAC Summer 2018 Handicap 5k Event 6 – 9th July 2018

    Monday 9th July saw our final 5k handicap take place under much cooler conditions of late.  With everything to play for it was going to be exciting to see who should appear around the corner first and whether they could maintain their lead!

    With 7 runners all on the track at the end it sure was interesting to see how it would all pan out, especially when it came down to only 21 seconds between 1st, 2nd 3rd and 4th!  Taking the podium positions this week were Phil Northfield in 1st (course PB), returning from injury Mandy Barker in 2nd (course PB) and the forever smiling Clare Goodsell in 3rd (course PB).  With the next 1 minute and 12 seconds between the next 4 positions, it was close at times.  Coming in just 1 second later in 4th was David Sampson (course PB), 5th went to Emma Hollands, 6th to Tom Barker and 7th to a fatigued Simon Barker.  A special mention goes to Christina Flinn on her debut run after completing her first Parkrun at the weekend, completing the team in 8th.

    So…to the all important table…It gives me great pleasure to congratulate our male and female winners of the competition – Phil Northfield on 28 points and joint winners Clare Goodsell and Mandy Barker on 21 points.  Well done to all three of you!

    A massive thanks and appreciation goes to the 19 runners who took part during this series and Pete Buckingham who didn’t quite make the finish line despite doing the distance.  My thanks are also extended to the marshals this week, Becky Morrish and Nathan Chapman at the half way mark.  Without all of you none of these events could take place so thank you for all your time and support.

    This just leaves me with one question…who’s up for a winter series?

    Happy running folks!

  • Rye Summer Classic Series 10K Race One – 6th July 2018

    Full results are available at: https://www.nice-work.org.uk/races/rye-summer-classic-jul/2018
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    35 00:47:31 00:47:30 Duncan Riordan M55 68.42 Gold 1
  • SCVAC League, Kent Divisions, Central Park, Dartford – 2nd July 2018

    On a breezy warm night, with a number of athletes from all of the teams arriving late due to heavy traffic on the M25 towards the tunnels and the immediate area (normal for any weekday night). The evening turn out to be successful despite a total lack of Paddock Wood competitors in the Men's and Women's 3000m races. The Women's team finished the match joint 3rd with Sevenoaks AC maintaining their 3rd position in the Division. Elizabeth Duffin won the W35 Hammer with a throw of 21.33m, a second place in the W35 Triple Jump with a leap of 6.55m and third place in the W35 High Jump with 1.00m. Nicola Whiffen won the W50 Hammer with a PB and Club Record throw of 22.68m breaking Jan Duffin's 20 year old record by 7.26m. Nicola competing in her first season now holds the club records for the W50 Hammer, Shot and Discus. In the Men's match the team finished 4th just behind Swanley maintaining their 3rd place in the Division. In the 400mraces M35 A string Mark Woods was 5th in 65.5s, M35 B string Trevor Simms was 1st in 69.9s while in the M50 race Trevor Crysell was 2nd in 65.6s. In the field Mark Woods was 3rd in the M35 Triple Jump with 8.69m, 2nd in the M35 Hammer with 16.76m and 1st in the M50 Pole Vault clearing 1.70m. In the M50 Triple Jump Trevor Crysell won with a jump of 9.14m. David Perman competing in the M50 Hammer set a new Club Record for a M65 throwing a 6kg Hammer of 15.70m. Peter Stennett was 2nd in the M60 Hammer with a throw of 23.19m.
    Division 2 Men's
    Pos Team Points League Total Match Total League
    1 Cambridge 7 82 28 351
    2 Bromley Veterans 6 81 23 302.5
    3 Paddock Wood 4 51 17 255
    4 Swanley 5 55 14.5 207.5
    5 Sevenoaks 3 34 14 190
    6 Bexley B 2 30 11.5 179
    Division 2 Women's
    Pos Team Points League Total Match Total League
    1 Tonbridge B 6 65 24 271
    2 Swanley 5 57 19 208
    3 Paddock Wood 3.5 21 12.5 93
    4 Sevenoaks 3.5 21 11.5 86
    5 Ashford 2 11 9 49

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