2019 PWAC Club Grand Prix – Final Results

Thank you to all those who participated in this year’s event.

A special mention goes to Jeanette Elliot, Kelly Large ,Richard Elliot, Rob Everitt and Stephen Large who competed in all 8 events.


1 335 Points  Shirley Exall

2 271 Points  Sue Chivers

3 252 Points  Jeanette Elliot

4 247 Points  Lorraine Shepheard


1 413 Points  Rob Everitt

2 289 Points  Stephen Large

3 259 Points  Dave Sampson

4 258 Points  Adam Tibbals

The attached table gives all competitors scores for this year’s competition.

Next year’s qualifying events for this competition will be issued shortly.

If you have any comments on the competition or any idea’s on events you would like to see included next year place e-mail me direct or via the website or have a chat on club night.

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