The PWAC Committee are always open to suggestions for the club. Please see the Contact Us page for details on how to get in contact with the committee.

Committee Members  
Chairman :Richard Harris  
Richard Harris
Vice Chairman :Mick Duffin 
Mick Duffin
Club Secretary :Liz Duffin
Liz Duffin
Treasurer :Tony Batchelder 
Tony Batchelder
Membership Secretary :Penny Roberts
Penny Roberts
Head Coach :Mick Duffin 
Youth Development Officer :Mick Duffin 
Road Running Representative :John Tolhurst 
Committee Members : 


Mike Ridger


Mike Ridger
 James Ridger
James Ridger
Do not attend Committee Meetings:-
Safeguarding / Young Person’s Officer :Trevor Simms  

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