July 2020 Challenge

100 + days into the Coronavirus lockdown, who would have thought it back in February.

We truly do live in very strange times. What else can 2020 throw at us ?

Hopefully most of you are managing to get out and do some sort of exercise and not just vegetating at home.

In a bid to bring some normality back to the lives of our adult members I have continued producing training schedules and John T has introduced a monthly Virtual 5k.

For July I have tried something a little different to sit alongside the virtual 5k


A series of hopefully FUN things to Do, Try and Find.

Hopefully you will all have a go at the July Challenge and enjoy.

Young as well as senior members are encouraged to Have a Go and see how many Challenges they can complete.

Enjoy your running, but most of all Stay Safe and follow the Latest Coronavirus Guidelines.

Virtual 5k – June 2020

Name Time Grade % Time Grade % Time Grade %
Mandy Barker 22:38 70.05 22:30 71.72 2
Simon Barker 28:25 51.14 26:34 54.63 25:40 56.55 3
Tony Batchelder 25:59 67.22 1
Kate Cole 22:10 71.37 22:33 70.16 21:46 72.68 3
Michael Conrad-Pickles 22:50 64.59 22:24 65.84 22:11 66.48 3
Noel Davy 25:06 54.38 23:02 59.26 2
Ellie Denyer 33:39 42.83 1
Jeanette Elliott 35:52 54.34 35:47 56.88 33:42 60.82 3
Richard Elliott 31:20 53.15 30:45 53.56 30:20 56.30 3
Charles George 16:35 79.46 1
Daniel Grimwood 19:26 72.06 19:16 72.46 2
Jamie Halliday 25:21 55.93 1
Darren Hendley 27:00 51.32 1
James Hoad 23:59 56.76 1
Gareth Hughes 28:56 47.38 30:48 44.32 2
Stephen Large 22:28 65.17 1
Kelly Ann Large 32:37 47.41 32:43 48.82 2
Steve Lindsey 21:59 62.56 1
Paul Nightingale 29:33 48.45 29:19 47.67 2
Joanna Nightingle 29:21 53.09 29:19 53.61 2
Jane Pilbeam 31:01 53.27 32:49 51.56 2
David Sampson 19:47 81.07 1
Lorraine Shepheard 27:09 68.28 27:09 68.28 29:00 63.92 3
Ian Sutherland 19:44 71.84 1
Ophelie Thenault 24:01 61.74 1
John Tilston 23:46 59.36 24:32 57.35 2
Diana Tilston 31:29 50.79 29:40 53.84 29:48 53.60 3
Des White 21:27 78.92 20:53 81.07 20:22 83.12 3
Natasha Wild 27:10 58.36 26:13 60.65 2
Steve Wright 21:18 69.26 1


Dear Parents,

Thank you all for your enquiries and application forms for Startrack 2020. We had a discussion about it at committee recently and we came to the decision that reluctantly we will not be holding Startrack this year, certainly not yet anyway. We have not taken this decision lightly. We know there will be some disappointed young budding athletes but for safety’s sake we would not want to put anyone at risk.

The problems are manifold on numerous fronts.

Although we have opened our track for members-only training we can only train for hour-long sessions. We have to limit the numbers training there at any time due to this awful Coronavirus. We have to disinfect the gates and locks every time anyone goes into or out of the track. The same goes for any equipment we use which includes the Jump pits, which are supposed to be dug over after every athletes’ use of them, the High Jump bed which has to be sanitised after each athlete has jumped and so on. In addition, Putlands Leisure Centre is closed and therefore we have no toilet facilities or car parking. On top of all this it does not seem likely the Mascalls Academy will be open before our planned event would have taken place so there would be no indoor facility to use in the event of bad weather.

Also, many of our coaches are currently not working due to being furloughed and may well not have a job to go back to if everything begins to open up. They will need to earn money in order to live.

We have discussed the possibility of a shortened version of Startrack in the Autumn Half Term but this again will depend on the other facilities being available. This is the first time in over 30 years that we have had to cancel Startrack but we would rather put on a proper event than a mish mash one.

If there is any news of a shortened version of Startrack I will let everyone know as soon as possible.

Anyone who has filled in the form and e-mailed them to me I will keep them in my Startrack file anyway.

Thank you for your understanding, enjoy your summer and stay healthy.



Startrack Organiser

Weekly 30 Run Challenge

England Athletics has launched the Weekly30 Run Challenge – a free weekly virtual running challenge that encourages runners to compete each weekend whilst also enabling competition between clubs/groups and sports.

Are you ready to represent your club and sport in a new virtual running competition? If so, sign-up for the new @EnglandAthletics Weekly30 Run Challenge – a free weekly virtual running challenge encouraging runners of all levels to compete for 30 minutes each weekend (following government guidelines) whilst also enabling competition between clubs and different sports. You’ll be competing against an online community of other runners from across the country – the competition will be fierce and the pride of your club and sport is at stake! Every runner counts – find out more and sign-up at: https://bit.ly/Wk30Run

Relaxation of Rules for Using the Track

Further to my email of the 22nd May regarding the opening of the track I am pleased to tell you that England Athletics (EA) have issued new guidance and the attached documents have been updated accordingly. In simple terms we can, with immediate effect, allow up to 6 people from different households at the track at any one time. It is a maximum of 6 so for example a family of 4 plus 2 others is the most allowed, or a coach and 5 athletes.

Please read the attached documents which describe the rules and regulations from EA and the Government that are applicable to PWAC together with some of our own that we have had to impose. Please read the overview document and then for more detail refer to the full document and follow the link to the EA website.

The main track gate is fitted with a combination padlock. Please lock the gate after entry and exit to prevent unauthorised access. When making a booking you will be told the code for the combination padlock. If you have any queries regarding the booking system please email these to mike.ridger@outlook.com

Please ensure you follow the sanitising rules, these are for yours and others safety.

Kind regards,

Richard Harris

Coronavirus training advice

Next week is the fifth week of our Coronavirus lock down and for many of us one day just melts into another.

We have probably all learnt at least one new skill, and done some of those jobs we have been putting off for some time.

But we don’t have to vegetate and stay in our homes all the time

We are allowed to leave our homes once a day to exercise as per the Government’s Public Health advice as laid down in the Coronavirus Act 2020.

In a bid to bring some normality back to our lives an adult training schedule has been put on the clubs website (On the Members Page) for May. A straight forward schedule (along with a few pointers) for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with the option of an extra weekend run.

Please remember to follow the 9 Golden Rules for Running in these strange times.
1: Run alone or with a household member only
2: Choose a comfortable distance
3: Plan your route with wide paths
4: Take your mobile phone with you
5: Always pass others at a safe distance
6: Maintain a 2m distance
7: Stay on pavements wherever possible
8: Leave the music at home
9: Remember to always be courteous and hygienic (Don’t touch anything without gloves, No spitting
and No snot rockets

Enjoy your running and Stay Safe

Training Videos

Liz and Janine have created some circuit training videos to help us keep fit during the current situation. There are currently 4 videos in the playlist – accessible from the menu in the top right hand corner of the Youtube window.

If you have any videos you’d like to add to the list, please let us know.