Road Running Report – 26th August 2020

As you can see from the results section Steve, Kelly and Elspeth were the first to try one of Nice Works new race format under their Covid restricted guidelines.

Kelly has kindly written a race report below.

Well the course was a tough one – very hilly, but so well organised. Staggered start times, every 5 mins 10 people went off. Not many people entered so we had some gaps in between too which helped parking and toilets etc. Our temp was taken before we were allowed through to be called to the start line, we then were called forward individually and had to stand on an allocated spot which was 2 metres apart from the others in the group and then we were told to start. They placed the faster runners at the front so no problems over taking etc. At the toilets we were all given a antibacterial wipe to use for handles and door etc and they were well stocked with anti bac gel. Only 1 water station on the course for those doing the 10 miler which involved a table of water bottles that you picked up yourself and the same again after the finish. To be honest everyone took their own supplies so wasn’t needed, but good to see some if you did  forget. Medals will be sent out after the event in the post and no loitering afterwards. 

Although it was a completely different atmosphere as you would expect and it wasn’t very busy, the marshals were fab, you felt safe and at no point did you feel as though you were putting yourself at risk. It was just so nice to be involved in an event again and take part in something that was so well organised, we will definitely go to another.

For anybody interested after reading Kelly’s update Nice Work are organising further events of this type at Rye, Folkestone and Tunbridge Wells in September with further events planned. See the Nice Work website for details.

John Tolhurst

PWAC Road Running Rep

Virtual 5k – July 2020

NameTimeGrade %TimeGrade %TimeGrade %TimeGrade %Events
Mandy Barker22:3870.0522:3071.722
Simon Barker28:2551.1426:3454.6325:4056.5525:3356.814
Tony Batchelder25:5967.221
Kate Cole22:1071.3722:3370.1621:4672.683
Michael Conrad-Pickles22:5064.5922:2465.8422:1166.4821:4267.964
Noel Davy25:0654.3823:0259.2620:5265.413
Ellie Denyer33:3942.8330:3148.52
Jeanette Elliott35:5254.3435:4756.8833:4260.8233:2862.184
Richard Elliott31:2053.1530:4553.5630:2056.303
Charles George16:3579.4623:2556.272
Daniel Grimwood19:2672.0619:1672.462
Jamie Halliday25:2155.931
Darren Hendley27:0051.3220:4366.882
James Hoad23:5956.761
Gareth Hughes28:5647.3830:4844.3229:1846.583
Stephen Large22:2865.1726:0556.092
Kelly Ann Large32:3747.4132:4348.822
Steve Lindsey21:5962.5621:1064.972
Rowena Maitland26:1556.381
John Markham29:0751.481
Paul Nightingale29:3348.4529:1947.672
Joanna Nightingle29:2153.0929:1953.612
Jane Pilbeam31:0153.2732:4951.562
Mark Rich24:2757.5431:5044.22
Mark Ryan23:4657.011
David Sampson19:4781.071
Lorraine Shepheard27:0968.2827:0968.2829:0063.9228:5064.294
Ian Sutherland19:4471.841
Ophelie Thenault24:0161.741
John Tilston23:4659.3624:3257.3521:1866.053
Diana Tilston31:2950.7929:4053.8429:4853.6025:4262.154
Des White21:2778.9220:5381.0720:2283.1220:4881.394
Natasha Wild27:1058.3626:1360.652
Steve Wright21:1869.261

Alternative Runs

  1. After all this time just wondering if anyone is bored with running round Paddock Wood and fancy a trot round Hildenborough instead?  Am aware there will a need to comply with current regs but happy to organise anything from flat to hilly in the 5 to 10 mile range, and have a socially distanced drink and chat in the garden afterwards. Let me know if there are any takers.
  2. Nice Work are organising a trial 5 mile socially distanced event with 5 minute wave starts at Rye on Friday 7th August. Details and entry on the nice work website. Cannot attend myself as I have another commitment. It would be handy to know how it goes as I understand if it goes well they will plan more later in the year. If anybody enters I would be grateful for your feed back.

John Tolhurst

PWAC Road Running Rep.

Relaxation of Rules for Using the Track

The attached  documents have been updated to reflect the changes to EA Guidance dated 4th August.

Please read the documents which describe the rules and regulations from EA and the Government that are applicable to PWAC together with some of our own that we have had to impose. The main track gate is fitted with a combination padlock. Please lock the gate after entry and exit to prevent unauthorised access. When making a booking you will be told the code for the combination padlock. If you have any queries regarding the booking system please email these to

Please ensure you follow the sanitising rules, these are for yours and others safety.

Kind regards,

Richard Harris

Weekly 30 Run Challenge

England Athletics has launched the Weekly30 Run Challenge – a free weekly virtual running challenge that encourages runners to compete each weekend whilst also enabling competition between clubs/groups and sports.

Are you ready to represent your club and sport in a new virtual running competition? If so, sign-up for the new @EnglandAthletics Weekly30 Run Challenge – a free weekly virtual running challenge encouraging runners of all levels to compete for 30 minutes each weekend (following government guidelines) whilst also enabling competition between clubs and different sports. You’ll be competing against an online community of other runners from across the country – the competition will be fierce and the pride of your club and sport is at stake! Every runner counts – find out more and sign-up at:

Adult Training

We hope the following advice will answer any questions you have about training or using PWAC facilities-

  1. Training sessions will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays 18:30 to 20.00. Always meeting at the track.
  2. You must not come to training if you have any of the following symptoms: A high temperature/fever – A new continuous cough – Loss or change to your sense of smell and/or taste.


That you have been advised to self-isolate because you have tested positive for COVID-19 or you have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.


You have been told to quarantine following international travel.

By attending training, you are confirming that none of the above apply and you are free of symptoms relating to CVOID-19. There is a sign on the front gate relating to COVID-19 and entry into the track.

  1. On arrival everyone must be registered as per EA guidelines. A register will be in place for you to tick your attendance.
  2. As 2 metre social distancing may be difficult to maintain at all times, it is suggested that face masks be worn by those who feel uncomfortable with this. There is no physiological effect of running with a face mask, just some discomfort. If you have a medical condition such as asthma, please seek medical advice.
  3. Bring your own hand sanitizer to use before and after the session and at any other times you feel it is necessary.
  4. The training session plan will be on club’s website under the ‘Members’ tab and scrolling down to ‘Training Schedules’ or by using the following link- You will not need a password currently to view the training plan.
  5. When you open the training plan you will notice that the Tuesday and Thursday sessions have sperate links showing what these sessions are, maps if required and information about pacing etc.
  6. The training session plan also offer you suggestions for your training on non-club days.
  7. Sessions will be based your typical 5K time. The group will all do the same type of session but split on ability. This is so that all abilities have a session that is suitable and challenging for them. Warming up and drills will all be done as one group.
  8. Sessions will alternate between the track and the road, alternating on each Tuesday and Thursday. This is so if you are only able to attend training on one day a week you will get a mixture of track use along with road running.
  9. There are pacing charts on the ‘training schedule’ tab on the website along with being on the notice board at the track.
  10. On arrival to the track, please start warming up running around the track. Warm up drills will start at 18.40 and ideally you would have run 2-4 laps of the track before this time.
  11. We have tried as best of possible to use the results from the questionnaire that was sent out to existing club members, along with a different questionnaire used for members that have left the club recently, to produce a training plan that meets these results.
  12. For the short term at least, we will be trying to stay clear of running in groups around the centre of Paddock Wood, so a number of the road sessions will be based at Transfesa. This isn’t ideal but we need to respect the residents of the town. This will continually be reviewed.
  13. Will meet at the track not Mascalls, car parking is available at Mascalls or on the roads around the track.
  14. Toilet facilities are available at Mascalls, we are advised there is one toilet at Putlands in use but will only allow one person into the building at a time.
  15. Bring a high vis vest to training, this is mandatory on all runs outside the track.
  16. Valuables left at owners’ risk inside the track.

Please work with us through this challenging time. Should you have any questions on the above please ask a coach or committee member at training or email the club on – Please also email the club or speak to a committee member or coach if you are interested in becoming a coach or coaching assistant.

See you at training!



Training Videos

Liz and Janine have created some circuit training videos to help us keep fit during the current situation. There are currently 33 videos in the playlist – accessible from the menu in the top right hand corner of the Youtube window.

If you have any videos you’d like to add to the list, please let us know.