Southern Athletics League 2023 – Availability

The start of the track and field season is already here, and the juniors are getting ready for their first league matches, and now it’s time for seniors to do the same!

This fun & friendly league is open to everyone from U17 athletes, U20, seniors and masters.

It offers a full programme of events from 100m through to 5000m and includes hurdles & steeplechase, relays (including a mixed team 4x400m), plus all the field events for men & women – we need to fill as many events as possible and need two men and two women for each event.
This year’s fixtures are:
  • Saturday 20th May – Central Park, Dartford
  • Sunday 18th June – Lewes
  • Sunday 9th July- Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford – We are hosting this match, so extra helpers needed.
  • Saturday 19th August – K2, Crawley
You can indicate your availability by filling out this form
We also need also willing volunteers to help out as officials (field and track), no experience needed – just enthusiasm. So if you can’t compete please help out, if you’re attending with your child or partner please do offer, we do need you!
Please let me know if you have any questions about competing in the league,
Liz Bignell
Team Manager
P.S. We have set up a WhatsApp group for this league SAL you can join it here

Age Grading Update – March 2023

The 2022/2023 Pentathon cup competition is progressing well. Current positions for results reported to the website to the middle of March are as the attached table.

If you think you have any results missing please e-mail the website and let us know.

Remember to qualify for the cup competition you need to have completed 5 of the 7 standard events listed by 31st August 2023.

John Tolhurst

PWAC road Running Rep

New PWAC Parkrun Competition

In years gone by on club night evenings we have run various club member competitions, 4.2 mile time trial a 5K handicap and mile time trials. This time we propose something new which should benefit those who struggle to get to club night

Parkrun allows people of all ages (from under 11s to 90+) to take part in a 5K run on Saturday mornings at 9am, they are free to enter and we would encourage you to give it a go if you have not already done so. The locations of all Parkruns are on the Parkrun website.

To qualify you must obtain a barcode available from Parkrun website (simply fill in the register form)

IMPORTANT :- When registered enter your profile and in the group field enter Paddock Wood AC. This also applies to members who already have a barcode but are no registered as Paddock Wood AC. The reason for this is we can search results by club each week.


  1. You must be registered as Paddock Wood athletic club on your barcode and ensure it is scanned at the completion of each parkrun
  2. Any parkrun anywhere in the world can count in the competition
  3. Awards will be made to the most improved athletes in various categories
  4. Members existing parkrun records will be used as a base measure for the competition
  5. If you have not entered a parkrun before 5 runs will be required to be completed by 30-9-23
  6. There will be a monthly updates as the competition progresses
  7. Any queries/questions please e-mail

Explanation of Age Grading Percentages

The general trend for runners, is for men to produce faster times than women and, as they age, for them to slow down. An age-grading percentage is a way of comparing a running performance, adjusting for age, gender, and event.

The calculation uses the gender and age of an athlete and then compares their time for an event with the world record time by gender and age for the same distance.

For example, a 40-year-old man runs a 10-mile race in 58:30, with the world record for a 40 year being 46:30. His age grading would be 46.5/58.5 giving an age grading of 79.49%, a Gold 3 performance.

There are a number of websites available to input information and calculate an age grading (all of which produce very similar results but may vary slightly according to the year the world records are taken from). PWAC have chosen to use the 2015 tables at to calculate results for our Pentathon Cup competition and for individual results published on the website and in the weekly newsletter.

To find an age grading for yourself simply log on to the website and, in the spaces provided, enter your gender, age, select the event and enter your time. The age grading is then calculated and shown.

There are standards indicated on the results listings to hopefully challenge our athletes to move up a level as their training and results improve. The standards are as follows:






















Note, athletes of all standards should fall within the range above.

If you have any queries, speak to me at training or e-mail me directly or via the website.

John Tolhurst

PWAC Road Running Representative

PWAC 2023 Membership Form

Paddock Wood Athletic Club – Founded 1986 – Registered Charity 1139343

Pentathon Cup Update – August 2022

Melissa Ferns has now completed 5 events and has taken third position in this season’s competition. The current standings are as the attached document.

We are now in the final month of this season’s competition which was extended to 2-10-22 to include the London Marathon.

NOTE Next seasons competition will revert to the usual 1st September to 31st August meaning any runs completed from 1st September to 2nd October will be included in both seasons competition.

If you have any results this season which have not been included on the website asap and I will update as necessary.

John Tolhurst

Pentathon Cup Update – July 2022

56 Members have now recorded scores for this event

The attached table shows the current positions, remember you have until 2nd October to complete your 5 standard distance events to qualify for this season’s competition.

Three members have already completed their 5 events, Mike Walter leads from Matt Botten and Tom Livesey, all of whom could still improve their current scores.

A further six members Mel Ferns, Michael Gibbs, Dave Lawrence, Jacqui O’Reilly, Harriet Sinclair and John Tolhurst have completed 4 events and need 1 more to qualify. A good number more have completed 3 events and there is still 10 weeks to go so plenty of time left to qualify.

John Tolhurst

PWAC Road Running Rep