Pilates for Runners

PWAC are starting Pilate’s classes with Neal Turner Thursday 14th March and then the last Thursday of every month: 28th March, 25th April, 30th May, 27th June, 25th July and so on.

6:45pm – 7:45pm Mascalls Academy in C Hall

First 2 sessions £5 per person payable directly to Neal.

Max No15 for first session

We rarely give our core enough credit, nearly all our movements originate from the core, from sitting up straight, to bending over, to—you guessed it—even running.

That’s why you should consider adding Pilates into your training routine. Pilates is known for targeting the deep core muscles that support your spine and tapping into other commonly neglected muscles in runners such as the glutes and inner thighs. As a result, you build greater core strength and control, which leads to improved posture and a more efficient running form. In the long run a stronger core  can also help with injury prevention.

Neal is a local Pilate’s teacher who is also an experienced runner and long distance cyclist so he knows and appreciates the runner’s needs.

For further info please contact:

Richard Elliott

Level 3 Endurance Coach



Volunteering At The 2019 Virgin London Marathon Water Station

For the 2019 Virgin London Marathon (VLM) the event’s organisers London Marathon Events are implementing some new rules which include no under 14year olds and a new online registration system for all volunteers.

The new rules and regulations are a key part of improving safety and security at the event, The online registration will enable VLM to communicate details and updates to all Volunteers more efficiently and help them (VLM) be accountable for all  the volunteers working at the event.

Each individual will  be asked to fill in their OWN details as well as select their own clothing size and  enter any other specific / personal details the event may require.

Please be advised that you will also be asked to submit a photo that meets the specifications detailed in the system (passport style), if not you will need to repeat the process.

Facebook profile pictures and low quality photos should not be used!

Once volunteer groups are signed up onto the system VLM will be able to allocate you to a specific role, hopefully the Mile 22 Water Station

If you, your family members or any friends would like to Volunteer and help Team PWAC at this year’s VLM please email me at the email address below and I will send you the link to enable you to enter your details.


Richard Elliott

VLM Volunteer Team Leader

Mob: 07970817664

Email: richard.elliott@hotmail.co.uk

Pentathon Cup and Age Grading Update – January 2019

The attached table shows the current standings for the 2018/2019 Pentathon Cup competition inclusive all results reported to the website up to the middle of January.

Remember to qualify for the competition you must complete 5 of the 7 standard race distances by the end of August 2019.

The standard distances are 5k, 5mile, 10k, 10 mile, ½ marathon, 20 mile and marathon.

Remember whilst we endeavour to pick up most results it is your responsibility to ensure all your results are on the website for inclusion in the competition.

If you have any queries about the competition or the use of age gradings please catch me at club training or send me an e-mail.

John Tolhurst

PWAC Road Running Rep.

PWAC Club Grand Prix 2019

The events for the PWAC club grand prix for 2019 are as follows:-

March         Any parkrun during the month at Malling

April            Any parkrun during the month at Tonbridge

May            7th Hildenborough 5 mile

June            9th Kings Hill 10k

July             15th Staplehurst 5 mile

August       4th East Peckham 10k

September 1st Weald 10k

Bonus        Best result from the summer Club 5k handicap races

There is no restriction on the number of races to count for the individual men’s and ladies trophy winners.

The rules and scoring system remain as previous years, we hope many of you will take part and create a similar club atmosphere as we did at a number of events last year.

Any queries or questions please see me at club night or send me an e-mail.

John Tolhurst

PWAC Road running rep.

Sports Massage Therapy 50% DISCOUNT!

I am a qualified sports massage therapist practicing from my garden studio in Laddingford, I have been practicing for a year and am also trained in fascial release techniques.  In a bid to develop my business I would like to promote my services to Paddock Wood AC members  by offering them their first massage with a 50% discount, making the cost just £25. Please find my contact details on attached flyer.

PWAC 2019 Membership Form

Paddock Wood Athletic Club – Founded 1986 – Registered Charity 1139343

Membership Renewal for 2019

Memebership renewals for 2019 are due in January and are now submitted using an on-line application form.

If you wish to compete for the Club in any event you will need to complete the England Athletics section of the membership form and pay the appropriate additional fee.

Once submitted your application is automatically emailed to Penny Roberts, Membership Secretary. Payment of the annual subscription must be made by bank transfer following the submission of your application.