Sportshall at Ashford – Sunday 4th March 2012

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The last Sportshall meeting of the season took place at the Stour Centre Ashford on Sunday 4th March. Paddock Wood A.Cs U/11 teams did exceptionally well. Team 1 came 4th team 2 came 5th and team 3 came 15th. In team 1 Alfie Stemp jumped 6.02m in the Standing triple Jump to finish2nd whilst partner Tory Randell jumped 5.61m to come 7th. Alfie won the Soft Javelin throw with 20.25m Tory finished 27th. The other pair in team 1 were Liberty Divine and Jack Wakeford. Liberty came 2nd in the Vertical Jump with 45cm and Jack 13th with 39cm. In the Obstacle relay the team came 3rd. Team 2 James O’Gorman also did well in the Soft Javelin coming 3rd with 17.75. Joelle Wilton joined James and came 12th with 13.75m.Holly Preston and Sam Rustrick paired up well in the Vertical Jump with Holly coming 7th with 42cm and Sam 11th with 40cm. They came 7th in the Obstacle relay. In Team 3 Samantha Hockey and Joshua Parr beat the other 2 teams in the Sped Bounce with Samantha jumping 50 bounces and Joshua 49 making them 7th overall in the event out of 20 teams. It was Rose Webster’s first Sportshall where she teamed up with George McAvan. In the Soft Javelin George came an excellent 13th with 13.50m and Rose threw 9.75m. Jem Devine joined Thanet A.C to make up a team his best result was in the Foam javelin where he threw 12.75m coming 17th out of 39 competitors.

In the older age group U/15 Mason Doyle broke the county record in the Triple Jump 8.54m which gave him the Athlete of the Match t-Shirt .He jumped 65cm in the Vertical Jump and put the Shot 9.30m. Mason won the overall event to claim the Gold Medal. Georgia McCall also won the Gold medal for the U/17 age group. She claimed a PB in the Speed Bounce 79 bounces.

Janet Duffin

Sportshall at Swanley – Sunday 22nd January 2012

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17 athletes from Paddock Wood A.C competed in the Sportshall Athletics competition at Swanley on Sunday. The club had 3 U/11 teams competing and one individual who joined another team from Ashford. In team 1 Alfie Stemp, who had competed for Kent in the Aviva Fun in Athletics Regional competition the previous Sunday at Burgess Hill, won the Vertical Jump with 52 cm, just one cm less than his win at Burgess Hill. He jumped 47 bounces in the Speed Bounce. Joining Alfie in team 1 was Richard Spencer who came 2nd in the Standing Long Jump with 2.03m. He came = 5th in the Ball Push with 5.25m. Another team member was Joelle Wilton who came 12th in the Vertical Jump with 36cm and jumped 42 in the Speed Bounce. The final team member was Paige Alford who was =2nd in the Ball Push with 5.50m and jumped 1.60m in the Long Jump. The team came 5th in the Obstacle relay and 3rd in the Under and Over. The team collected Bronze medals for finishing 3rd overall. In Team 2 Tory Randall and James O’Gorman both competed in the Standing Long Jump with James jumping 1.90m and Tory 1.80m finishing 4th and 5th respectively. James also finished 5th in the Ball Push with 5.25m and Tory 11th 4.75m. Jack Wakeford jumped 48 in the Speed Bounce and came 10th in the Vertical Jump with 36cm. His partner Sam Rustrick jumped 35cm. Sam also did the Speed Bounce and got 41 bounces. The team finished 3rd in the Obstacle Relay and = 9th in the Under and Over race. Team 2 finished in 4th place overall just 6 points behind team 1. The youngest team was team 3. Two members were competing in their first Sportshall and did very well. George Meavan came = 2nd in the Ball Push with 5.50m he jumped 1.44m in the Long Jump. Josh Parr, also in his first competition, jumped 1.68m in the Long Jump and managed 4.75m in the Ball Push. Thomas Hendley jumped 33cm in the Vertical Jump and 30 in the Speed Bounce. He was joined by Jem Devine in both these events. Jem jumped 31 in the Speed Bounce and 21 in the Vertical Jump. In the obstacle race Thomas Hendley on the last lap took the team from 3rd place up to first to win their heat. The team finished 11th. Harry Wakeford, who joined another team, was also a first timer at Sportshall. He pushed the ball 4.50m and jumped 29cm in the Vertical Jump. Harry also had a good run in the Obstacle Relay, bringing his team up from 4th to 1st place on the last lap.

In the U/15 age group Laura Wellbelove did well in the Vertical Jump scoring 44, then putt the Shot 5.12m and jumped 1.71m in the Long Jump. She finished 3rd overall. In the U/15 boys Mason Doyle, who has been picked to represent Kent in the Regional Final at Burgess Hill, jumped a magnificent 68 in the Vertical jump, 2.60m in the Long Jump and putt the Shot 8.94m. Mason had a tough race in the 2 lap with Alex Lynch from Ashford and managed to win the race, with both athletes being given the same time. Mason came 2nd overall. U/17 Georgia McCall got a PB in her Speed Bounce 73, jumped 2.18m in the Standing Long Jump and got 6.06m in the Shot Putt. Georgia won the U/17 event and took the Gold Medal. Rochelle D’Arcy jumped a PB in the vertical Jump 41cm, to finish 3rd overall.

Janet Duffin

KCAA Sportshall at Tonbridge – Sunday 11th December 2011

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On Sunday 11th December some of Paddock Wood A.C juniors were at the Kent County Sportshall Championship at the Angel Centre Tonbridge. U/15 Joseph Holland won all three of his races the 2 lap, the 4 lap & the 6 lap. He won Silver in the Vertical Jump. His 2 lap result earned him the Athlete of the Match award. In the same age group Mason Doyle won the Vertical Jump and the Standing Long Jump and took Silver in the Standing Triple Jump. Laura Wellbelove took Bronze in the Shot Putt. In the U/13 girls Jessica Cross and Mia Morgan took part, Jess’s best event was the Speed Bounce with 74, in which she injured her ankle and had to drop out of the 2 lap race. For Mia it was the first time she had taken part in a sportshall competition but she did well in all the events she took part in.The club’s other medals came from U/17 Georgia McCall and Rochelle Darcy. Georgia won 4 gold medals, one in the Vertical Jump, another in the Speed Bounce, the Shot and the 2 lap race. Rochelle won the Standing Triple Jump and claimed Silver in the Speed Bounce and the Shot and Bronze in the Vertical Jump.

In the U/11 events Paddock Wood had 2 teams of 4 entered but due to other commitments 2 athletes were unable to come so the second team managed to join with a school to make full team. Richard Spenser had an excellent result in the Standing Long Jump 2.00m coming 4th out of 55 participants. He came 3rd in the Overhead Ball Throw with 7.50m, his partner in the event Paige Alford came 9th with 6.75m, the pair just missed on a trophy for the top pair in the event. The other two in the first team, Jack Wakeford came 10th in the Vertical Jump and Joelle Wilton came 31st in the same event. They joined together for the Under & Over relay, where they came 6th out of 30 teams. Thomas Henley and Jacob Sharman worked together, both competing in their first Sportshall. Both threw 5.25 in the Overhead Ball throw to finish = 42nd.

Janet Duffin

Kent County Sportshall at Tunbridge Wells – Sunday 2nd October 2011

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It was the first of the county sportshall competitions at St Johns Tunbridge Wells the previous Sunday.

Paddock Wood A.C had 2 U/11 teams competing in team A newcomers Alfie Stemp and Paige Alford teamed up together for the Standing Long Jump where Alfie jumped 1.85m to come 7th and Paige 1.56m.

In team B also in the St long Jump Adam Clements jumped 1.72m and Jem Devine in his first ever competition for the club jumped 1.24m.

Alfie and Paige won the Overhead ball throw with a combined score of 14.75m. Adam came 10th individually with a throw of 7m.

The other pair in team A was Liberty Devine and Holly Preston, both girls did well in their events in the Speed Bounce Liberty came 8th with 48 bounces and Holly jumped 44 bounces.

In the Vertical Jump Holly jumped 38cm and Liberty 36cm.

Sam Rustick and Rosie Exall made up team B with Sam getting the same score in the Vertical Jump as Liberty 36cm, while Rosie jumped 34cm.

In the Speed Bounce Sam got 43 bounces, Rosie 35. This was also Rosie’s first competition.

Team A won the Bronze medals coming 3rd while team B with the less experienced competitors came 15th.

In the U/13 girls Jessica Cross came 5th in the Speed Bounce with 77 bounces, her other best event was the vertical Jump 44 cm.

Charlotte Wellbelove in her first year as an U/13 jumped 69 bounces in the speed Bounce.

In the U/13 boys Matt Wood also did well in the Speed Bounce coming 4th with 73 bounces.

U/15 Billy Exall also competed for the first time in Sportshall athletics, putt the Shot 5.86m and jumped 44 cm in the Vertical Jump.

Laura Wellbelove U/15 had a good Shot Putt 5.64m whilst Olivia Linton’s best event was the Speed Bounce 69.

Georgia McCall won the U/17 girls competition her best scoring event was the Shot 6.80m.