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Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August 2024

Supported by England Athletics

Paddock Wood Startrack 2023

Paddock Wood AC hosted their Startrack Athletics week, held at their track at Puntland’s leisure centre. They have been holding the event for over 32 years. Over 45 children with ages ranging from 6 to 15 years took part. Each day they had to chance to try all of the athletics events including high jump, hammer and javelin. On Thursday the children were divided into 3 teams named this year from cities which have hosted or are going to host the Olympic Games Tokyo, Los Angeles and Paris. Each child then competed in a run, jump and throw to earn points for their team. On Friday afternoon teams went head to head in an obstacle relay to add to the scores. Individual winners were Oliver Denton who scored 69 points wining the boys 6/7 category and Tamsin Baker the girls with 67pts. In the 8/9 ages Stanley Thomas took it for the boys 120pts and Jemima Baker won the girls 128pts. 10/11s was won by Austin Day with 135pts and Jola Fasakin for the girls 143pts. It was a close thing in the 12 plus group with Harry Lenham wining for the 2nd year running with 148pts. Abi Seal taking the girls trophy 167pts.

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Paddock Wood Startrack 2021

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Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2019

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Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2018

Paddock Wood AC held its 27th Startrack week during the 1st week in August. Luckily the fine weather carried on for the week with just a shower first thing Monday. About 60 children took part, some for the whole week, some for the odd day, but it gave them all a chance to try their hand at all the jumps (except pole-vault), throws and various running events.

On Monday James Whitaker, the British Javelin Champion who trains at the Paddock Wood track, came and talked to the children wearing his GB kit and his British Champs gold medal. He showed them how he started and progressed. Then demonstrated his throwing technique. The children then had the chance to ask questions.

The week culminated in competitions, with every athlete doing a run, jump and throw to earn points for their team. Then each team took part in the obstacle relay. The teams this year were past cities that had hosted the European Championships. Amsterdam, Helsinki, Berlin and Zurich. Just 30 points separated the top 2 teams.  With Zurich taking the top prize. The top boy and girl in the different age groups won a trophy. In the 6/7/8 years group Zac Howard won the boys and Masie Chalklen won the girls. Maurice Roberts won the 9/10 year old group and Amelia Salmon took the girls. Joe Stone for the second year running took the 11/12 year group with Lucy Tallon taking the girls – again for the second year. Alex Gray took the 13/14 group along with Lauren Harker. Everyone went away with a goodie bag and T-Shirt.

Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2017

Paddock Wood AC held its 28th Startrack athletics week at its track at Putlands. Luckily the weather was kind and the children only had one wet session. It was attended by over 60 children with ages ranging from 6 to 14. They had a chance to try all the various disciplines involved in track and field athletics. Coaches from the club and teenage club members helped for the week. At the end of the week they were divided into 4 teams, these were teams competing in the world championship at the Olympic Stadium. Great Britain, Kenya, Jamaica and USA. The children did a run, jump, and throw to earn points for their team. The last event was the obstacle relay where the teams were able to gain valuable points for the final score. There were medals for the winning team and trophies for the top scoring boy and girl on each age group. Winner of the 6/7/8s group were Jack King & Rebecca Cross. In the 9/10/11s the winners were Joe Stone & Lucy Tallon. The final age group were 12s and over, Isabel Shelley won the girls and Alex Gray won the boys. The winning team was Great Britain from Jamaica, USA came next and then Kenya.   All participants took home a goodie bag.

Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2016

Last week saw the 26th Startrack week of athletics take place at Paddock Wood AC’s track based at Putlands Leisure Centre. Over 90 children took part doing running, jumping and throwing. With the help of the some of the club’s teenage members, who acted as group leaders, plus 10 of the coaches from the club, it was a very successful week. Just one day was spoilt by some rain but not enough to stop the activities. At the end of the week, the participants were divided into teams and each had a run, jump and throw to do, which earned them points for their respective teams. On Friday, they had the obstacle relay devised by the team leaders. Points from this were added to the team scores to give an overall position. The winning team were the Americas with Africa gaining top points in the relay, which brought them up to second. Australasia came 3rd and Europe 4th. Individual prizes were given to the best boy and girl in the various age groups. In the 7/8 category Rebecca Cross was the best girl with 83 points and the best boy was Jack Hames with 130 points. Jess Penny was top girl in the 9/10s 150 points and Dillon Dew top boy 114 points. Isabella Shelley was the 11/12 winner with 191 points and Harvey Fordham won for the boys 166 points. The last category, 13s and over, was won by Lilly Ebsworth with 197 points and Samuel Cross gained 181 points to get the trophy for this age group. Every child went home with a certificate, T-shirt, juicy apple and goodie bag, all of which the club provided at the last minute as British Athletics, who usually provide these items as part of the scheme, pulled out.

Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2015

The 24th Startrack Athletics Week, organised by Paddock Wood Athletic Club that took place at Mascalls School and the new track at Putlands was an outstanding success. 90 children aged from 6 to 15 took part over the week. They had the chance to try out High Jump, Long and Triple Jump, Javelin, Hammer, Discus, Shot, Hurdles, Sprints and Middle & Long Distance running. 14 coaches supervised the week and 8 teenage athletes from the club, who made sure the groups were in the right place at the right time. The bonus this year was that for the first time the participants were able to use the facilities at the new track. Once again, the weather stayed fine but if it had rained, we still had Mascalls sports hall to use. We were pleased with the slightly smaller numbers, as using the track for the first time it gave us a chance to see how things went.

The week culminated in competitions, with every athlete doing a run, jump and throw to earn points for their team. Then each team took part in the obstacle relay. The teams this year were names after GB’s top athletes; Team Ennis; Team Farah; Team Rutherford; Team Asher-Smith and Team Johnson Thompson. The team that won the gold medals this year Team Johnson Thompson. There were also trophies for the top boy and girl in 6/7 age groups. The winners of this group were Jacob Ritchie and Phoebe Jepps. In the 8/9 years Rowan MacDonald-Gay won for the 2nd year running, Jess Ritchie won the girl’s trophy. The 10/11 years winners were Harvey Fordham for the boys and Isobel Shelley the top girl.  The 12 & over winners were Ted Peachey and Davina Peers. Everyone went away with a goodie bag and T-Shirt.

Further details about Startrack can be found on the British Athletics wesbite.

Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2014

Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2014

The 23rd Startrack Athletics Week was held from Monday 4th – Friday 8th August and organised by Paddock Wood Athletic Club

139 children took part in the 23rd Startrack week organised by Paddock Wood AC. With the weather on their side, the children tried their hands at various athletic events from High Jump, Long and Triple Jump, Javelin, Hammer and Shot Putt and all distances in running. At the end of the week the children were divided into teams, this year named after lesser known Pacific and Indonesian island which are part of the Commonwealth. Papua New Guinea, Kiribati, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga and Samoa.

Each child did a run, a jump and a throw from which they scored points. These results were added together for a team total, the winning team this year was Vanuatu and they were all presented with gold medals. Trophies were also awarded for the boy and girl winners in the various age groups. In the 6/7 years group Joseph Hyland and Izzy Rayner were the winners.

Tom Creasy and Holly Tapp took the 8­9 year old prizes. Freddy Gache and Ella Root claimed the 10­11 year group and Tristan Stocker and Asha Root won the 12 years and over. All participants took home a goody bag.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved in another successful week.


Further details about the Paddock Wood STARTRACK can be found in the Startrack pages.