Coronavirus training advice

Next week is the fifth week of our Coronavirus lock down and for many of us one day just melts into another.

We have probably all learnt at least one new skill, and done some of those jobs we have been putting off for some time.

But we don’t have to vegetate and stay in our homes all the time

We are allowed to leave our homes once a day to exercise as per the Government’s Public Health advice as laid down in the Coronavirus Act 2020.

In a bid to bring some normality back to our lives an adult training schedule has been put on the clubs website (On the Members Page) for May. A straight forward schedule (along with a few pointers) for Tuesday’s and Thursday’s with the option of an extra weekend run.

Please remember to follow the 9 Golden Rules for Running in these strange times.
1: Run alone or with a household member only
2: Choose a comfortable distance
3: Plan your route with wide paths
4: Take your mobile phone with you
5: Always pass others at a safe distance
6: Maintain a 2m distance
7: Stay on pavements wherever possible
8: Leave the music at home
9: Remember to always be courteous and hygienic (Don’t touch anything without gloves, No spitting
and No snot rockets

Enjoy your running and Stay Safe

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