KAB Children’s Activity Athletics Day

Wednesday 29th August 2018

Paddock Wood Athletic Track

On Wednesday 29th August, Nicola Tallon, one of the Kent Association for the Blinds Children’s Mobility Instructors, organised an athletic day with Paddock Wood Athletic Club at their track.  A number of Paddock Wood AC coaches also volunteered their time to help support 10 of our visually impaired children. We did have 4 more children booked to attend the day but unfortunately they did not arrive, this was possibly due to the bad weather, it rained heavily all morning but despite the rain all the children got involved and fully participated in running, throwing and jumping activities. We had originally planned a full run, jump, throw competition but due to the poor weather, we concentrated on the events separately.

The sprinting session looked at speed and technique with the older boys keen to learn a full sprint start. We were also able to add relay races with baton changes.

The throwing session in the morning consisted of shot put. Paddock Wood AC have Dave Perman who is the lead coach for shot put and he was on hand to give great advice and support to all the children. In the afternoon Javelin was the throwing event, this was led by Mick Duffin, KAB had 1 young lad who was really keen to try out this event, by the end of the session Mick voiced to the young lad’s mum that he had shown real potential.

The jumping session took place in the afternoon, just as the rain stopped!! We wouldn’t have been able to do long jump in the rain so we were really lucky that it had stopped. Elizabeth Duffin was our long jump coach and she was able to give great advice and support on the run up and the jump to each child individually and all the children thoroughly enjoyed this “rain free” activity….

At the end of the day all the children agreed that they had really enjoyed the day but the one thing all their evaluation forms stated was “they didn’t enjoy the rain!!!”

Many thanks to PWAC for supporting our visually impaired children with this activity session.

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