KFL Knole Park, Sevenoaks – 19th October 2014

27 Of  you raced in very pleasant conditions yesterday in Knole Park Sevenoaks. A great turn out and very much appreciated by Jeanette , Oliver and myself. Thank you.

Thank you also to the supporters that turned out very much appreciated and a special mention to Robin Hollamby for some great pictures.

PWAC had at least 5 runners that as far as I am aware had never run a KFL XC race before and all seemed to be smiling at the end of the race, hopefully this has not put them of and we will see them again at some point in the season.

Maria Heslop won the ladies race but is deemed to be an elite runner for the purposes of  this league so I am afraid her score did not count,  well done anyway Maria. For your info the winner of the men’s race was also an elite runner and did not score.

Every cloud has a silver lining and with Clare Day finishing in second place this meant she was promoted to 1STplace and so declared the ladies race winner. Well done Clare and excellent run, looking good for the rest of the season.

In the men’s race Colin Tricker finished in 5th place and was dually promoted to 4th place, well done Colin.

I am not going to mention everybody there were some excellent performances all round  but a special mention must go to Alan Newman who hobbled over the finish line  as our first  v50runner and Jane Drew who appeared desperate to run but could not because her son was not well prior to the race, next time Jane.

Please remember even if you do not win the race YOUR FINAL POSITION COUNTS in this league, everybody’s score counts in the overall team results.

To see a full list of results please log onto the following link http://kfl.canterburyharriers.org/xc_result.php?id=5859

At the presentation after the race 3  PWAC men were given awards from last season, Martin Taylor, Alan Newman as age category winners (your ages are safe with me) and James Ridger for finishing last season as 3 male runner overall.

We had one lucky winner in the after race raffle.


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