KFL Swanley Park – 9th November 2014

Another excellent turn out, 29 Club members (on the starting line) in the senior race with 4 juniors taking part in the preceding  junior races (2 that where going on to represent PWAC at Sports Hall Athletics in Folkestone later in the day, I bet they slept well on the way home) All wearing poppies.    You should all be proud of yourselves as should the rest of the club.

This is what makes it all worthwhile for Jeanette and myself, THANK YOU.

I am afraid to report only 28 of the 29 finished but I am very happy to report our non-finisher only has battered pride and is ok after a rest and will be back running on Tuesday evening.

At least 1 new comer to the KFL (possibly 2) not the easiest race to start with but a fantastic effort to finish (another complete lap) when all around you are finishing the race.

Must say a big thank you to the supporters that turned out and our faster runners who not only supported fellow runners that they passed during the race but who also went back down the course once they had finished to support  club members finishing.

I know from comments made to Jeanette and myself this was VERY much appreciated.

Fine performances once again from Colin and Claire who finished 8th and  95th (3rd lady) respectively along with 2 of our younger members, Joe who finished in 20th place and Sarah who finished in 115th place (second lady home for PWAC)

The PWAC combined team finished in a brilliant 4th place with the lady’s finishing in an excellent 2nd place. This puts the PWAC combined team in 6th  place after 2 races and the ladies in 5th place.                         BRILLIANT

Please see the full results on the following link http://kfl.canterburyharriers.org/xc_result.php?id=5860

The fly past of Spitfires and Hurricane before the race started was just the icing on the cake.

Sorry no winners in the after race raffle.

Onwards and Upwards to the next Race, 2  weeks’ time, 23rd November at Oxleas Wood Eltham, here’s to another good turnout. Please note there is no junior race.

See you there.

Richard & Jeanette Elliott

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