KXCL Danson Park – Juniors Report – 25th November 2017

On a bitterly cold morning, at the penultimate Cross Country match for the Kent League season
Danson Park. Paddock Wood was represented in the U13/U15 Girls and had team entries for the
U13/U15 boys.

With the commitment and continued improvement all the junior athletes have made this season
over the 4 league matches has resulted in Paddock Wood moving up in both the Individual and Team
the League tables.

U13 Girls Jess and Katie both having taken part in all the previous matches this fast course was
just a walk in the park. (No pun intended) Both girls were keen on improving on their match and
overall position within the league. Jess had an excellent race finishing 52 nd (11:16). Jess’s 2.5k time
has improved from (13:01) to (11:16) Jess has an overall position of 27 th in the Individual League
Table. Katie has consistently improved all season finishing 60 th (12:27). With competing in all
matches Katie has progressively moved up the finishing ladder from Wilmington where she finished
72 nd to this being Katie’s highest placing and taking 3 minutes of her time. Katie has also finished 31 st
in the Individual League Table, after completing all 4 matches.

U15 Girls Lauren has shown true grit and determination this Cross Country season finishing 34 th
(12:32), despite tripping earlier in the course. Danson Park being a fast flat course gave Lauren her
best time for 3K. Although, top 30 finish eluded Lauren this season, which has been her target.
Lauren has competed in all 4 League matches and this has placed her 19 th in the Individual League

U13 Boys With the Team finishing 11 th earning 2 more match point, Paddock Wood finished 10 th
overall in the League. Liam having his best finishing position of 40 th in a time of (11.35) has been an
impressive Cross Country runner, improving on his 3K times and finishing in the top half if the field at
each meeting. This has placed Liam 30 th in the Individual League table. David is up there with Liam
finishing 41 st (11:36) just 1 second behind. David has made an impressive move up the finishing
table from 71 st Tonbridge after a fall to 41 st here in Danson Park. This is also reflected in his times.
David’s has an overall position of in the Individual League table is 62 nd in 3 matches. Joe being one of
the youngest runners and just qualifying for the Cross Country, by turning 11 the week before, the
first race. Had his highest placing of 60 th in (12:20).This is an exceptional improvement from his first
race where he finished 80 th . Joe has also slashed his 3K time from (15:37) to (12:20). Joe in the
Individual League has him placed 37 th after competing in all matches. Ben although being raked in
the leg by spikes finished 66 th with his best time of (12:47) and taking just under 3 minutes off his 3K
time from Tonbridge. This has placed Ben 39 th in the Individual League table. From his introduction
to KXCL in Tonbridge, Thomas finished 76 th (14:13) here at Danson Park taking 3 minutes off his
time, along with 12 places off his position, A great improvement. After 3 matches Thomas has been
placed 71 st in the Individual League table.

U15 Boys With the Team finishing 10 th earning 1 match point, Paddock Wood finished 10 th overall.
Spencer finished 34 th (15:12) and with this result means he has moved up through the rankings to
have in the Individual League table place of 10 th after the 4 matches. Adam had his fastest race
finishing 58 th (19:16) which has placed Adam 54 th in the Individual League table, as having missed the
Tonbridge match. Harry having his fastest face finished 59 th (20:12) over the 4K course. This season
has helped Harry pace himself over the longer distances and managing a pace of 5min/Km. I believe
that Harry has enjoyed the cross country despite being miss directed and getting lost at Tonbridge,
Harry finished 54 th in the Individual League table with his 3 recorded Matches.

I would like to thank “Taxi of Mum and Dad”. Who without making time to bring your child to these
meeting and testing the Tog rating of your clothing in cold, this would not have happened.
Although, Cross Country may not be everyone’s preferred event, it is an important part of the winter
endurance training for both long distance and sprint athletes. Having to sit around wrapped in a
space blanket, trying to keep warm, with only a Cupa-Soup and Sandwich. Not forgetting the lack of
WIFI, whilst waiting for sibling and or parents to compete in their race is character building. I am
looking forward seeing the reward that Cross Country season will have on these athletes in the
summer track and field season.

Leslie Stone.

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