• PWAC Sportshall Round Up

    The last Sportshall meeting of the year at the beginning of February saw 2 U15 Paddock Wood AC athletes take the top 2 league trophies. Harriet Court in her last year as an U15 claimed top spot to win the U15 girls league trophy. Wining the shot and Standing long jump. William Hirst took the boys trophy with wins in the speed bounce and standing long jump. Also competing in the U15 girls Megan Rein and Abigail Palmer. In the U13 girls the team finished 6th a good result as Paddock Wood did not have a complete team for the last meeting. Those in the team for the season Alathaea Jenkins, Kathleen Knights Misson, Maddy Sinclair and Seraphina Yates. Just one U13 boy competed for the season Nathan Palmer. In the U11s league the girls team finished 4th and the boys 7th. Competing for the girls we had Kelsie Allcorn, Ellen Simmonds, Amelia Chapman, Jola Faskin and Jessica the boy’s team Jonah Fenandes, James Henry, Noah Holden, Lucas Whittle, Otto Hemming and Nicholas Humphreys. A big thank you to all the parents who stepped in to help team manage and officiate.

  • Kent County Sportshall Championships -11th December 2022

    In the U 11 girls there were some good team results with Kelsie Allcorn Ellen Simmons and Amelia Chapman moving up to 3rd place in the league table. In the boy’s team with 2 first timers to Sportshall competition Noah Holden and Otto Hemming plus Jonah Fernandes and James Henry came 12th overall.

    In the U13 girls Alathaea Jenkins came equal 2nd in the Speed Bounce with 77 bounces to win a silver medal. She came 5th in the St Long jump and equal 4th in the Vertical jump. Kathleen Knight Mission came 6th in the 2 lap race she jumped 1.98m in the St Long Jump and putt the shot 6.64m well below her PB. In the U15 girls Harriet Court became the Kent Champion in the Shot 9.41m.She also won the St Long Jump 2.32m and came 2nd in the 4 lap race. Megan Rein won a silver medal in the St Triple Jump 5.74m, she claimed a bronze in the 2 lap race and was 5th in the Speed Bounce with 71 bounces. U15 William Hirst won the Speed Bounce with 81 bounces, he also claimed victory in the Vertical jump and came 2nd in the St Long Jump with 2.26m. William, Harriet and Alathaea have all been picked to represent Kent in the Regional Sportshall Final in Burgess Hill at the end of February.

  • Kent County Sportshall Championships – Ashford – 8th December 2019

    Paddock Wood Athletics Club took part in the Kent County Sportshall Championships at the Stour Centre Ashford.

    Harvey Fordham, Alex Grey and Alex Stone competed in the Under 15 boy’s, Harvey won 4 gold medals with an outstanding jump in the standing triple jump 8.07m in the standing long jump it was 2.59m, he jumped 67cm in the vertical jump and ran 21.7s for his 2 lap. Alex Grey finished the 2 lap just 100 th of a second behind Harvey to claim the silver medal he was 3 rd in the standing triple jump 7.55m and 2 nd in the standing long jump 2.55m. Alex Stone won his 4 lap race 51.8s, came 2 nd in the shot 9.86m and 3 rd in the speed bounce with 79 bounces. All 3 are in the Kent team for the Sportshall regional final at Burgess Hill in March.

    Joe Stone was the clubs only U13 boy competing. Joe won the standing triple jump by nearly a metre jumping 7.23m to win gold. Joe also won the shot 10.02m he was 2 nd in the standing long jump and won another gold in the 2lap race 22.00s. Joe is also selected for the Kent team.

    Adam Garside had a clean streak in the under 17 boy’s coming home with 4 Gold Medals after winning the 2 lap 22.8s ,standing triple jump 7.03m, standing long jump 2.35m and the 4lap 50.8s.

    Amillia Beaumaster, Philip Dagostin, William Hirst, Tilly Ryan and Nico Walters competed in the under 11 category. William managed to come in the top 12 for most of his events with his standing long jump being his best performance 1.72m Phillip jumped 1.64m. Nico and Tilly both did the ball push with the same score of 5.25m and Amillia did well in the speed bounce with 50 bounces. The team finished 10 th on the day.

  • Sportshall Match Report, Tunbridge Wells – 6 October 2019

    The number of athletes competed in the first Sportshall match this season and we were in a position field an under 11 team, 1 under 13 boy, 2 under 13 girl, an under 15 girls and under 15 boys team.

    With this being the first match along with new faces taking part, our athletes competed well and enjoyed this noisy fun environment.

    Competing for the first time Amillia Beaumaster, Daniel Ositelu (under 11), Rebecca Ositelu (under 13) and Elizabeth Ositelu (under 15)

    The under 15 boys competed well. Alex Gray – 2nd  in Triple Jump (7.84m), Joint 2nd in the 2 lap race (21.5s), 3rd in Vertical Jump (59cm) finishing 4th overall.  Alex Stone – 1st in Speed Bounce (78), 2nd in Shot Put (9.99m) finishing 3rd overall. Harvey Fordham – 1st in Vertical Jump (71cm), 1st in Triple Jump (8.66m), 1st in the 2 lap race (21.2s), 3rd in Shot Put (9.65m), 3rd in Speed Bounce (75) finishing 1st overall.  Team – 1st with 3 to score (2513 points).

    In the under 15 girls Abigail Exall – Triple Jump (6.49m), Speed Bounce (72), 2 lap race (23.9s) finishing 10th overall.  Elizabeth Ositelu – Shot Put (7.40m), Triple Jump (5.77m), 2 lap race (23.7s) finishing 11th overall. Molly Brown – 3rd in Triple Jump (6.56m), Speed Bounce (74), 2 lap race (23.5s) finishing 4th overall. Team – 3rd with 3 to score (2073 points).

    We were unable to get enough athletes competing to make up a team in the under 13 age group.  Competing in her first Sportshall, Rebecca Ositelu finished 8th overall with some strong performances – Vertical Jump (50cm), Shot Put (5.68m) and speed bounce (65), 2 lap race (24s).  Kiera Conrad-Pickles – Speed Bounce (59), 2 lap race (24.2s) finishing 12th overall.   Joe Stone competed as our only under 13 boy winning the age group. His best performances were 1st in Shot Put (9.46m), 1st in Triple Jump (7.29m), 2nd in Speed Bounce (77), 2nd in the 2 lap race (21.7s) and 3rd in Vertical Jump (55cm).

    For the under 11s the top performances are Daniel Ositelu – Long Jump (1.78m), 2nd in Vertical Jump (51cm). Nico Walters – Long Jump (1.73m), Joint 5th in Speed Bounce (52). Tilly Ryan – Long Jump (1.62m), Foam Javelin (10.75m). Amillia Beaumaster – Balance Beam (36s), Speed Bounce (48).

    Our Under 11 team came 4th in Long Jump, 5th in the 2 lap race finishing 8th overall.

    I would like to thank all our athletes for taking part and look forward to watching them continue to develop throughout the season. Our next match will be on Sunday 17th November at the Stour Centre Ashford.

    Leslie Stone

  • Sportshall Match, Tunbridge Wells – 3rd February 2019

    Sunday was our last league match in the Sportshall season at the Tunbridge Wells Sports centre.

    Managing to field 14 athletes with 2 under 11 teams, 2 under 11 Girls and Boys along with 3 under 15 boys, I am pleased with the performances of all the athletes who took part and managed to bring home the Silverware for the older age groups.

    Under 11

    Another solid performance from Paddock wood 1 (Aaron Brown, Maurice Roberts, Nico Walters, William Hirst) placed the team 4th overall, with Aaron, Maurice and William coming in the top 10 for some of the events. Best performances Aaron (Javelin – 14.75m), Maurice (Javelin – 16.25m), Nico (Speed Bounce – 51) and William (Javelin – 14m).
    Paddock Wood 2 (Freddy Tapp, Lily Hughes, Tilly Ryan) along with Alfie Valach from Swale performed well and placed 9th overall. This was the first club competition for Freddy and Lily who put in a great performance. Best performances on the day were Freddie (Speed Bounce 13th – 53), Lily (Vertical Jump 7th – 46cm) and Tilly (Javelin 25th – 10.75m)

    Under 13

    Being unable to make up a girls team and only being 5 points behind 1st place after match 2, we missed out on a chance of taking the Under 13 Girls team trophy.  Abigail Exall and Molly Brown, putting in a solid performance on the day, with Molly finishing 1st with 718 match points and 2nd in the league with 10 points, winning performances in Vertical Jump (56cm) and Shot Put (6.93m).  Adigail finished 6th with 665 match points and 6th in the league with 22 points. Best performance 3rd Vertical Jump (49cm).
    Against strong opposition Benjamin Gillard and Joe Stone competed for the Boys. Joe finishing 4th with 700 match points, winning the league with 8 points, best performances on the day were Vertical Jump 3rd (52cm) and Shot Put 3rd (7.17m).  A good performance from Benjamin’s in this 1st Sportshall competition, Benjamin finished 12th with 499 match points. Best performance 8th Speed Bounce (64).

    Under 15

    Alex Stone, Harvey Fordham and Liam Simms made up the boys team for Paddock Wood performing well against strong opposition, winning the Team trophy for Paddock Wood.  Harvey finished 1st with 799 match points and 3rd in the league with 2 points after 2 matches. Best performances Vertical Jump 1st (60cm), Shot Put 3rd (7.56m), Long Jump 1st (2.48m), Speed Bounce 3rd (75) and 6 Lap 1st (77.8 sec).  Alex Stone finished 3rd with 754 match points, winning the league with 8 points after 3 matches. Best performances Shot Put 2nd (8.63m), Long Jump 3rd (2.16m) and Speed Bounce 2nd (78). Liam finished 5th with 714 match points and 6th in the league with 11 points after 2 matches. Best performance 6 Lap 2nd (78.5 sec).

    Well done to all athletes for taking part.

    Leslie Stone


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