Paddock Wood STARTRACK 2009

The Paddock Wood event was at Mascalls School Monday 3rd – Friday 7th August

At the beginning of August Paddock Wood A.C held their 18th Startrack week at Mascalls School.

Over 140 children took part in everything from High Jump to Hurdles, Javelin to Shot Putt, they were supported by a team of 20 helpers and coaches from the club.

Having been split into age groups they had a leader from the club for the week who led them to each event.

The children spent 4 hours a day participating in all athletic events except Pole-Vault.

At the end of the week they were split into teams named after big cats- Lions, Pumas, Panthers, Leopards and Tigers – and took part in competitions to earn points for themselves as well as their teams.

Individual winners were:-

5 to 6 years old Joshua Jones and Eleanor Cox

7 to 8 years Chae MacDonald-Gay and Jennifer Hodgson

9 to 10 years Ben Lovering and Alice Carey

11 to 12 Amy Hutson and Tom Hollamby

13 and over Pandora Banbury and George Chambers

Following two tries at the now traditional Obstacle Relay, the winning team were the Lions

During the morning of the last day, an attempt was made to beat Paula Radcliffe’s 3000m record of 8m 22.20 seconds by a continuous relay of legs 50 – 100metres long.

A team of staff comprised of 13 to 16 year-olds managed to do this in 7m 50.9 seconds – a remarkable run. The Startrack teams were way outside the record.

Well Done to everyone involved, especially all the helpers and

Mick & Jan Duffin – Paddock Wood STARTRACK Organisers

Startrack 2009 Photos


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