Paddock Wood Startrack 2021

Yes, Startrack is back. From Monday 2nd to Friday 6th August this year the track at Putlands will be alive with the sounds of many children (hopefully) laughing with joy at being able to have a go at all the events (except Pole Vault perhaps – and the Marathon!) that will be held at the Olympic Games in Japan this summer.

We have only just begun to get our training back into shape and League matches started after a break of about 14 months which has been a bad time for all of us in athletics but we felt that STARTRACK should be part of the resurgence of our sport.

There is an application form in the Stopwatch Times to print off and we have kept the prices to those of 2019. We could not justify any rise in the price even though we have not fully finished costing the event. Initially, we are trying to keep numbers of attendees to about 60 until we are sure of the number of coaches and helpers we will have available to make this week a success.

As usual, there are a lot of background things to organise apart from the coaches and helpers and we will be working hard to make it go well and be as successful as it has been over the past 30 years. None of us are getting any younger and hopefully we will have got rid of all restrictions due to the Covid crisis by August 2nd.

All applications will receive a letter from me explaining in detail all the procedures and any restrictions there may be by then, as well as what we expect from the children attending (mainly enthusiasm) as well as what they need to bring. Also, we will have to work with Putlands Leisure Centre for toilets so there is liaison to be arranged with them.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Mike Duffin

Startrack Organiser

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