PWAC Monthly Mile Time Trial – December 2015

Paddock Wood Athletic Club

Results December 2015 1Mile Time Trial

Name Dec Time Age Grade Standard
S. Shepherd 5.29 76.47% G3
C. Day 5.41 75.51% G3
J. Tilston 5.45 68.27% G1
D. Grimwood 5.46 71.82% G2
D. Sampson 5.47 76.41% G2
E. Holland 6.07 73.94% G2
S. Day 6.14 71.76% G2
J. Tolhurst 6.26 72.34% G2
C.  Routledge 6.39 62.73% S3
V. Holden 6.41 63.64% S3
J. Dew 7.00 67.73% G1
C. Emery 7.05 76.15% G3
G. Ridley 7.17 58.24% S2
L. Penny 7.17 62.14% S3
K. Hoad 7.20 60.39% S3
V. Hollamby 7.21 71.42% G2
S. Seagrave 7.40 54.76% S1
R. Harris 7.52 65.23% G1
K. Jones 7.52 53.76% S1
L. Giuralaroeca 8.05 60.11% S3
N. Holmes 8.11 55.91% S2
P. Mace 8.11 48.70% B3
S. Chivers 8.32 64.09% S3
Ali Routledge 8.39 49.94% B3
K. Wilson 8.40 51.61% S1
K. Hendley 9.23 63.61% S3
P. Roberts 9.26 68.49% G1
V. Jones 9.29 65.96% G1

On Thursday 10th December 28 athletes ran the final mile time trial of 2015 in once again rather blustery and damp conditions.

Thank you to Miriam Dorrity who came along to look after the time keeping duties. Enjoy your trip to New Zealand we will see again around Easter time.

18 athletes saved their best for the last time trial of the year or as I like to believe the trainings working. First home on the night showing her ever improving form was Sarah Shepherd in a time of 5.29, you can see why she has been selected to run for Kent in the Inter Counties XC Champs. She was followed home by Claire Day, John Tilston (fresh from his Marathon exploits) and Daniel Grimwood.

The results were age-graded by John Tolhurst (thanks John) using the latest World Masters Association 2015 tables:

The age and gender grading amazingly put’s 14 athletes on the night into the Gold Standard with 3 athletes achieving a Gold Standard 3 and of those 14 athletes 9 in the 70% + age graded bracket.

Using the age graded results the top 3 athletes on the night were Sarah Shepherd, David Sampson and Carol Emery.

Well done one and all, some excellent running in at times some pretty taxing conditions.

Please see the monthly time trial accumulator for a full set of the autumn’s results etc.

See you all again in the New Year hopefully, where you can try your hand at a 2 mile time trial should you wish.

Wishing you all the best Christmas Ever and Happy Healthy Running in 2016

Richard Elliott

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