PWAC Press Report – 21st June 2022

On Friday evening the 17th June the second of four Kent’s Vets League at the Erith Stadium. Some great performances from all the team.

A welcome return for M65 Les Percival who won the M35 2K race walk 13m 57.0s.Competed in the long jump 2.69m and the 200m 32.1s N/S.

M35 Shannon O’ Reilly competed for the first time in the 800m 2m 52.9s with a solid run as did his wife W35 Jacqui with a very fast 800m wining her race in 2m39.2s and 3rd in the 200m 32.0s

The two Trev’s (Simms and Crysell) were once again solid, a win for M50 Simms in the 200m 29.1s and one for M55 Crysell in the Long jump 4.02m. Simms was 2nd in the shot 7.14m he also ran the 800m 3m 02.6s.Crysell ran the M35 B 200m 30.03s, the B race in the 800m 2m 57.7s. He came 2nd in the 2K walk 13m 14.7s.

M6 Mark Woods once again multi tasked wining his long jump 3.96m, 2nd in the M35 200m 26.5s and 2nd in the same age group shot 7.71m. Finally the team was completed with great performances from  W40 Elizabeth Bignell wining the hammer 23.47m she came 2nd in the long jump 2.97m and did the 2K walk.M60 Teresa Hinton had 3 wins on the night 20.66m in the hammer, 2.89m in the long jump and the 3rd win in the race walk. At the end of the evening the ladies finished 2nd and the men 3rd.

Heidi Evans was in Northern Ireland for the Comber 10K she finished in 314th place 51m 02s. Ian Southerland competed in the Lee Valley 50k ultra where he came 43rd 4h 56m 06s.


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