PWAC Summer 2018 Handicap 5k Event 2- 30th April 2018

The April showers showed no signs of letting up throughout Monday 30th April but low and behold, despite looking overcast, come 7pm the skies were dry!  How thankful you all were no doubt.  Despite a chill in the air with the drop in temperature, conditions were better than expected considering the rainfall.  A few signs of debris lay across Waterman’s Lane but other than that we were good to go!

First off this evening was Sue Chivers shortly followed by the only competitor capable of keeping a 100% attendance, Phil Northfield.  Emma Hollands was soon to follow Phil who only had 2 minutes to spare before being chased by Becky Morrish, David Sampson and Daniel Grimwood who all departed within 4 seconds of each other.

All 6 athletes were on the track for the final 400m but Phil maintained a comfortable lead to take 1st place in 22:01.  Emma bought home 2nd for the ladies in 21:47 and despite a few recent niggles Daniel managed to take 3rd in 19:40.  Managing to avoid any handicap on the next event were Sue and David, finishing in 28:08 and 19:57 then closely followed and happy despite last by 1 second, with a sub 20 was Becky in 19:59.

Additional thanks go out to Diana Tilston and Sam Parrett for volunteering to marshal the half way point and Richard Elliott for his support on the track.

The next event will be held in 2 weeks on Monday 14th May, 7pm at the track.  If you wish to enter and haven’t supplied a 5k time already please drop me a line to register.

Happy running folks!

John Tilston

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