PWAC Summer 2018 Handicap 5k Event 3- 14th May 2018

Monday evening saw the 3rd series of the latest Handicap event take place and with a continued consecutive increase in participation, thank you to all those who took part.

Our event was kicked off with a new entry from Clare Goodsell.  With a total of 12 competing the anticipation for a packed track at the end was looking promising.  In due course we were delighted to see our first runner return and with a sufficient lead Clare managed to hold on to her complete lead and take pole positon.  I do hope the experience of leading throughout has put Clare in high spirits to maintain the lead next time.  Clare was soon followed by Mandy Barker in 2nd who appeared to still be smiling from her PB at the weekend!  3rd went to the Phil Northfield who manages to maintain 100% attendance this series.

Closely missing out on the podium with a sprint finish was Daniel Grimwood.  The remaining field consisted of Simon and Tom Barker, John Tolhurst, Kate Cole, Jamie Halliday, Daniel Mackenzie, Emma Hollands and Sue Chivers.  The whole field managed to cross the line within 3 min 30 secs from first to last place making the last 400m tense and challenging at times.  A delight to watch!

My continued thanks goes to Becky for helping out with marshalling the turn point and supporting the first and last runners in and out along the course.  Thank you!

Our next event is on Monday 4th June.  If you wish to take part and haven’t entered a time, please get in touch to register your starting time.

Until next time…Happy running folks!

John Tilston.

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