PWAC Summer 2018 Handicap 5k Event 5 – 18th June 2018

Monday 18th saw our first football match in the 2018 World Cup along with our 5th and possibly penultimate (subject to demand) 5K handicap event.  Despite the match we had 9 athletes intending to take part.  Unfortunately one managed to take a wrong turn so we ended up with 8 finishers.
After a period of time passing, the track began to fill up as the runners returned to begin their final lap with what turned out to be only 1 minute 8 seconds between all positions.   First across the line after taking the lead on the final 100m was Tom Barker (course PB).  With 2 seconds to spare, 2nd place was awarded to Fiona Buckingham (course PB).  The biggest gap of 35 seconds followed before 3rd place was awarded to a consistent Simon Barker.
The handicap method proved to work once again with only 21 seconds for the remainder of the field to finish.  Missing out on the podium by 5 seconds, claiming 4th was David Sampson, 5th went to Emma Hollands, 6th closely awarded to Clare Goodsell, 7th by the returning from injury Jane Pilbeam and 8th awarded to Sue Chivers.  Well done everyone and thank you for taking part.
My thanks are also extended to Becky Morrish for volunteering to Marshall the half way turning point, thank you again Becky.
After 5 events (taking the best 4 scores) we have Phil Northfield in the lead for the men, closely followed by Simon Barker (by one point) and Tom Barker (a further 3 points).  Emma Hollands is now in the lead for the women, again closely followed by Clare Goodsell (by one point) and Mandy Barker (also by one point).  With no clear winner at this stage everything will be down to the final event!  If there is a big enough field then anyone awarded maximum points could take the trophy…and there is a trophy!
Currently our final event will take part on Monday 2nd July.  Look forward to seeing many of you there, looking to grab those vital points.
Happy running folks!
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