PWAC Summer 2019 Handicap – Event 7

Monday 19th August was the 7th and final 5k handicap event bringing the season to an end for 2019.  With 8 athletes taking part it was going to be a race to the line for the final standings.

Once again all the athletes managed to be on the track at the same time for the final 400m sprint finish, with just 1m 36s between them all.  First across the line with only 7 secs to spare was Noel Davy (22:34) who’s come on leaps and bounds with his improved strength and endurance over the last few weeks.  Well done Noel.  Closely followed in 2nd was the forever smiling Gareth Johnson (24:09) and very closely followed with 2 secs between them, Trevor Crysell (23:09) and Richard Harris (28:20).  The remainder of the field were not far behind with Richard Elliott finishing 5th(27:41), Phil Northfield 6th (22:05), Jeanette Elliott 7th(34:47) and Diana Tilston 8th (29:59) again, completing with a strong finish under 30 mins.

To conclude the series we had 24 athletes take part, including our club Chairman, with only Richard Elliott and Diana Tilston completing all 7 events.  Jeanette managed 6 events, Phil Northfield and Noel Davy completing 5 and everyone else completing 3 or less.  Thank you to everyone who took part and supported.

The results of this seasons league go to:


1st Noel Davy (34 points)

2nd Richard Elliott (31 points)

3rd Phil Northfield (25 points)


1st Jeanette Elliott (26 points)

2nd Diana Tilston (24 points)

3rd Sue Chivers/Mandy Barker (17 points)


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