PWAC Winter 5k Handicap Event 2 – 30th November 2016

I am glad to report, that 15 well wrapped up runners and Jack Frost brrrrrrrrr, arrived at the track on Wednesday evening the 30th November, for what was, the 2nd of the clubs handicap runs.

Weather conditions were very, very cold and the temp was down at -4 deg. Interestingly the cold conditions spurned our runners on to some great running.

Paul Graves ran an excellent 23m24s to take 1st Place, Newcomer Mandy Barker also ran well to take 2nd place in 24m37s and a very happy Lourna Goldup ran a brilliant 29m49s to take third place. A special mention must also go to James Ridger, who ran a blistering 16m59s to take 11th place. Apparently James needed to get home to watch the last episode of The Missing, hence the quick pace!

I would like to give a big thank you to Dianne (time recorder) and Shirley (Marshall/I/C lighting). Lastly, I must apologise for the lateness in the posting of the results but it is only now, my fingers have warmed up enough to type on the keyboard.

Happy running


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