PWAC Winter 5k Handicap Event 5 – 22nd February 2017

The fifth handicap race took place on Wednesday 22nd February. The weather for the run wasn’t very pleasant as storm Doris did her best to blow 7 brave runners off course.

First timer Shirley Exall had a great run to take 1st Place in 24m 20s, Yann Leroux ran an impressive 18m 35s to come home in second place and the unstoppable David Sampson ran a superb 19m 15s to take third place.

As always I would like to thank Mike Ridger (time keeper), John Tilston (time recorder) and Sam Paratt (I/C Lighting). Gents you did a great job.

There is still one more run and this wasn’t the final run (as stated in the stopwatch times) The final Handicap run will be on Wednesday 29th March at 7pm.

It really would be fantastic if as many of you as possible, could come along take part in the final run.

Happy running


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