PWAC Winter 5k Handicap Event 6 – 29th March 2017

The sixth and final winter handicap race took place on Wednesday 29th March. The sun shone and the runners had the delight of running the route in the daylight for the first time.

The consistent and ever improving Paul Graves had a great run and a final straight battle to take 1st Place in 23m 06s, Shirley Exall closely followed Paul over the line to take an excellent 2nd place in 23m 54s. David Sampson had another brilliant run to take third in 19m 14s.

It was great to see all 5 of the runners on the track during the final stage of the run battling it out for the final places, proof the handicap system really does work.

The final race of the series saw the Amazing David Sampson take the crown as Winter Handicap Champion. His running has been consistent and his times have steadily improved. Taking second place was Paul Graves, another runner who has improved with every handicap run. Finally and by no means least Penny Roberts in third place, whose running has also improved steadily over the handicap series.

I would like to thank Mike Ridger (time keeper), without his help it would have been impossible to organise and run the series of runs.

Finally a big thank you to all of you who took part in the handicap series of runs. I hope you enjoyed the upside down format and that it gave you a run that was a little different.

Happy running


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