2015 Results

2015 Results


  • English National XC 2015, Parliament Hill – 21st February 2015

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    U15 Boys

    Pos Time Name
    319 0:20:37 Charles George 30th Kent finisher
    337 0:21:03 Harry Young 32nd Kent finisher
    348 0:21:27 Aaron Rowland 34th Kent finisher

    U13 Boys

    Pos  Time Name
    54 0:13:17 Toby Emm 7th Kent finisher
  • Tenterden 5 Mile – 15th February 2015

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    Place Time Name Age Category
    16 00:32:12 NEWMAN, Alan MV60
    32 00:35:28 TOLHURST, John MV60
    54 00:38:15 JAMES, Sue FV60
  • Headcorn Half Marathon – 15th February 2015

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    Pos Time Chip Time Name Cat
    88 01:37:04 01:36:55 SHIRLEY EXALL FV45
    116 01:40:45 01:40:37 DUNCAN RIORDAN MV50
    135 1:43:33 01:43:23 CAROLINE RICHARDS FV45
    166 01:46:17 01:46:07 CAROL EMERY FV55
  • Deal Half Marathon – 8th February 2015

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    Pos Time Gun Time Name  Cat
    54 01:41:28 01:41:25 Shirley Exall  FV45 2nd FV45
    55 01:41:28 01:41:25 Nicholas Brown  MV45
  • KFL Rough Common – 8th February 2015

    Sunday 8th Feburary saw the last race of this seasons KFL at Rough Common Canterbury. (there are to be no end of season relays this year) Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun. PWAC had 20 athletes and 1 junior (Evan Wild) competing in the race’s  around a chilly Blean Woods. Once again the ladies outnumbered the men, guys where were you. (are you all going soft) Colin Tricker had another excellent run, entering  the woods in 4th place and coming back and finishing in exactly the same position. Well done Colin you appear to be flying at the moment. Pete Buckingham, Alan Newman, Rob Rowland, Mark Wild, Richard Bidois and John Tilson made up the rest of men’s scoring team. Claire Day had another good day at the office winning the women’s race, closely followed by the ever improving Sarah Shepherd who finished 3rd.  Emma Holland had another good run finishing  10th  lady.(marathon training definitely paying off for these 3) and these ladies today won the days (ladies) team event. Thank you to all the other runners who took time to  turn out for PWAC. Alan Newman along with Lori Tricker both gave blood for the clubs cause, nothing  too serious I can report although I did not help Lori’s bruised shoulder by giving it  a well-meaning pat.  I must say I didn’t like the way she looked at the starters pistol sitting beside her as she was being looked after by St Johns first aid. We have had  44  different runners out this season with  only 4 runners competing all  7 races (Sue Chivers, Lori Tricker, Richard Bidois and Colin Tricker ) true dedication to the cause, along with 10 other runners competing in 5 or more races. Well done one and all. Final individual results; Colin (3rd man)  Claire (Ladies Runner Up) and  Sue James (F60 winner)  will  all now receive individual end of season trophies along with our ladies team.  See full list of champions at  http://kfl.canterburyharriers.org/champions.php?yr=2014 The end of season awards will be presented on the 15th March after the Dartford Half Marathon at the Fox & Hounds PH close to the finish of the half marathon – any further details to follow. The full results from today and for the rest of the season can now be seen on the KFL web sitehttp://kfl.canterburyharriers.org/xc_result.php?id=5865  . Any amendments if any will be e-mailed out in due course. A big THANK YOU goes to everybody who has run in this season’s KFL, along with all the supporters. (who came along or just replied to my emails)  Without you all Jeanette and I would be very lonely. Hopefully next season we might see a few more men running and  then the  club competing at the top end of the league once more. Regards Richard Elliott richard.elliott@hotmail.co.uk 01892 832093 / 07970817664  
  • Kent Cross Country League – 7th February 2015

    Kent Cross Country League 2014/15 - League Final - Swanley Park - Saturday 7th Feb 2015

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    Under 13 Boys

    Pos Name Time
    4th Toby Emm 12:44 (22nd in league overall)

    Under 15 Boys

    Pos Name Time
    39th Charlie George 18:11 (21st in league overall)
    Senior Women
    Pos Name Time
    7th Sarah Shepheard 22:54 (30th in league overall)
    48th Sue James (W60) 28:49 (21st in league overall)
    Best ever position for Sarah Shepheard, only two seconds behind sixth. Sue James is the W55-plus league champion at 64 years of age.  
  • Fulfords 5 – 1st February 2015

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    Place Time Name Category Age Grading
    91 0:35:13 WHITE, Des M60 74.07%
    166 0:41:05 WHITE, Alison F59 72.24%
  • Ashford and District 10k – 1st February 2015

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    Pos Finish time Chip time First name Last name
    133 00:46:55 00:46:50 Harry Abrahim


  • SportsHall Sittingbourne – Sunday 25th January 2015

    The previous weekend saw  teams from Paddock Wood AC at the 4th match in the Kent County Athletics Sportshall series. The match at the Swallows Leisure Centre, Sittingbourne was quite a close thing between teams with two teams  tying for first place - Bexley 1 and Julie Rose Juniors  from Ashford. Harvey Fordham again won the Long Jump with 2.18m and together with Holly Tapp, who jumped 1.81m, topped the points chart. Molly Dew was 11th out of 44 competitors in the vertical Jump with 42cm, but was beaten by her brother Dillon  in team 2 who jumped 47cm  to finish 8th. Molly also had an excellent Speed Bounce with 58 bounces, a personal best. Martha Peachy jumped 50, so the pair finished in 6th position. Newcomer to Sportshall was Isabella Guralamocca who jumped 1.82 in the Standing Long Jump which put her in 9th place.  Martha McCarthy also jumped 50 in the Speedbounce.  Freya Kirk-Martyn jumped 1.51 in the Standing Long Jump. Alex Stone’s best event was also the Standing Long Jump where he jumped 1.70m. His brother Joe did well in the Long Jump as well with 1.50m. Another pair of brothers competing was Liam and Aiden O’Neil. Aiden was competing for the first time in sportshall. He came 25th in the ball push with 4.75m out of 45 participants. Liam came 35th with 4m. Alistair Dow jumped 43 in the Speedbounce and Eva Wilson jumped 45. This meant that all the PWAC athletes all jumped over 40 which is a really good score. Team 1 - Harvey, Holly, Molly and Martha Peachy finished 7th. Team 2 - Dillon, Martha McCarthy, Freya and Alex came 13th. Team 3 - Isabella, Eva, Alistair and Joe were 19th and Aiden and Liam teamed up with two athletes from Folkestone and came 21st. In the older age group the club had 3 U/13 girls competing. Sam Hockey, who has been picked to compete for Kent in the regional finals in February, jumped 5.88m in the Standing Triple Jump and did 78 bounces in the Speed Bounce. Amy Bateman, another new comer to Sportshall, also did well in the Speed Bounce with 73, as did Caitlin Dow who jumped a PB of 69 bounces. U/15 Eloise Winton threw a PB in her Shot Putt 6.69m and got  another PB in her Triple Jump 5.38m.
  • Canterbury 10 – 25th January 2015

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    6 57:12 Colin Tricker Male Senior 57:11
    28 1:02:49 Tina Oldershaw FV 45 to 54 1:02:48 1st female, 1st FV45, 2 x Kent Gold Medals
    35 1:03:30 Maria Heslop FV 45 to 54 1:03:29 2nd female, 2nd FV45, 2 x Kent Silver Medals
    47 1:04:36 Peter Buckingham MV 40 to 49 1:04:32
    67 1:06:49 Claire Day Female Senior 1:06:46 PB
    111 1:09:28 Nicholas Brown MV 40 to 49 1:09:23
    114 1:09:43 Emma Hollands FV 35 to 44 1:09:37 PB
    124 1:10:13 Sarah Shepheard Female Senior 1:10:07 Kent FU23 Gold Medal
    148 1:11:20 Richard Bidois MV 40 to 49 1:11:14
    158 1:11:37 Mark Wild MV 40 to 49 1:11:30
    212 1:14:51 John Tolhurst MV 60+ 1:14:45
    255 1:16:18 Fiona Buckingham FV 45 to 54 1:16:09
    317 1:18:48 Caroline Richards FV 45 to 54 1:18:41
    327 1:19:10 Harry Abrahim MV 40 to 49 1:19:05
    366 1:21:04 Carol Emery FV 55+ 1:20:57 Kent FV55 Gold Medal
    416 1:23:32 Lori Tricker Female Senior 1:23:05
    483 1:26:32 Miriam Dorrity FV 55+ 1:26:24
    570 1:30:24 Vanessa Hollamby FV 45 to 54 1:29:58
    625 1:33:09 James Hoad Male Senior 1:32:31
    678 1:35:54 Amanda Hanford FV 45 to 54 1:35:28
    699 1:37:25 Keeley Hoad FV 35 to 44 1:36:58
    732 1:40:37 Penny Roberts FV 55+ 1:40:01
    Tina, Maria and Claire were also 1st team, so won a Kent Team Gold Medal as well.

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