2015 Results

2015 Results


  • Dartford Half Marathon – 15th March 2015

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    Pos Name Time Chip Time Cat  
    2 Colin TRICKER 01:16:03 01:16:02 M 2nd male and Kent Silver Medal
    26 Tina OLDERSHAW 01:24:19 01:24:18 FV45 1st female, 1st FV45, and 2 Kent Gold Medals
    89 Elise RENDALL 01:34:17 01:34:04 FV35 1st FV35 and Kent Gold Medal
    238 Carolyn EMERY 01:49:12 01:48:58 FV55 2nd FV55 and Kent Silver Medal
    331 Lori TRICKER 01:55:33 01:55:05 F
    Tina, Elise and Carol were the second female team and won a Kent Silver Medal.
  • Dymchurch 10k – 15th March 2015

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    Place Bib Racer name Finish time
    2 1846 Harry Abrahim 44:23.5
    3 489 Duncan Riordan 44:49.4
  • British Masters Indoor Championships Results, Lee Valley – 7th/8th March 2015

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    Event Name Pos Cat Time/Distance
    60m Kate Maryon 6 W40 9.10s
    High Jump Kate Maryon 1 W40 1.30m BMAF Gold
    400m Sue James 3 W60 90.26s BMAF Bronze
    1500m Sue James 3 W60 6:50:54 BMAF Bronze
    1500m Alan Newman 8 M60 5:29:24
    3000m walk Malcolm Martin 1 M60 16:01:86 BMAF Gold
    3000m walk Angela Martin 1 W50 20:46:20 BMAF Gold
  • Lydd 20 – 8th March 2015

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    Pos Time Chip Time Name Cat
    28 2:18:49 2:18:42 Lukas Bates MS
    65 2:31:19 2:31:13 Peter Buckingham MV45
    66 2:31:24 2:31:15 Emma Hollands FV40 PB
    69 2:31:37 2:31:31 Sarah Shepheard FS PB
    98 2:37:10 2:36:58 Harry Abrahim MV50
    115 2:41:45 2:41:37 Fiona Buckingham FV45
    127 2:43:29 2:43:23 Steve Baker MV40
    214 2:59:48 2:59:39 Miriam Dorrity FV60
    Emma, Sarah and Fiona were the first women's team.
  • Sidcup 10 – 8th March 2015

    Click here for the full results. Click here for the BMAF results. Click here for the SCVAC results.
    Pos Name Time Cat
     52 Tina Oldershaw 1:03:32 FV45 3rd female, 2nd FV45, Gold BMAF FV45, Gold SCVAC FV45
     105 Alan Newman 1:10:02  MV60 5th M60, Silver SCVAC MV60
     200 Sue James  1:20:07  FV55 4th FV60, Gold SCVAC FV60
     295 Val Lindsey  1:34:32  FV65
  • Lydd Half Marathon – 8th March 2015

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    Pos Time Chip Time Name Cat
    95 1:41:03 1:40:51 Duncan Riordan MV55
    108 1:43:16 1:43:08 Caroline Richards FV50
  • Thanet 20 – 1st March 2015

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    Pos Name Chip Time Gun Time
    21 DAY, Claire 2:21:26.45 2:21:29.45 3rd female & 1st open female
    55 BUCKINGHAM, Peter 2:32:10.10 2:32:13.15
    63 WILD, Mark 2:34:49.25 2:34:52.40
    101 BUCKINGHAM, Fiona 2:44:59.10 2:45:02.25
    105 DEW, Jane 2:46:36.90 2:46:39.95
    123 BIDOIS, Richard 2:49:19.30 2:49:22.35
    139 EMERY, Carol 2:51:34.60 2:51:37.20
    218 RIDLEY, Gary 3:17:24.05 3:17:40.15
    Claire, Fiona and Jane were the 1st female team and 1st Kent team.
  • Sportshall Swanley – 1st March 2015

    Sunday 1stMarch Paddock Wood Juniors competed in the final sportshall match of the season at White Oak Leisure Center in Swanley. PWAC Team 1 (Harvey Fordham, Freya Kirk Martin, Mollie Dew and Dillon Dew finished in 5th, they have not been out of the top 6 all season. Harvey continued to excel in the jumps, leading the county once again in the U11’s in the Standing Triple Jump in 6.20, Mollie jumped 5.18. Mollie finished 4th in the Speed Bounce with a PB of 52 bounces. In the Vertical Jump both Freya and Dillon had fine jumps of 35 and 42 respectively. Well done to PWAC 1. PWAC Team 2 of Liam O’Neil, Isabell Guralamocca Alex Stone and Joe Stone finished in 11th position. Massive effort by Joe who played Rugby in the morning and travelled over from West Wickham to replace a team member at the last minute. Joe jumped 4.81 in the Standing Triple, In Speed Bounce brother Alex recovered from a bad ankle to complete 50 speed bounces to finish7th also a PB. Liam jumped 0.30 in the Vertical Jump and threw 10.35 in the foam javelin. Isabella Guralamocca also showed great potential in only her second sportshall moving up through the teams. PWAC Team 3 of Aidan O’Neil, Eva Wilson, Martha Peachy, and Alistar Dow finished one place behind PWAC Team 2 in 12th. All performed really well in their respective events Demi Barker and Matthew Brown finished 14th in a combined team with Dartford Dashers. Great performances by both who worked well together. In the older age groups, U13 Girls, Sam Hockey and Amy Batman finished strong, Sam having a great sportshall season in 5th place and Amy who started sportshall this year finishing in 14th place. In the U15 girls Eloise Winton fought hard with a back injury to finish 4th in the overall standings. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the PWAC athletes who have taken part this winter in the Sports Hall Competitions, it has been fun to watch teams working together many of which were new to sportshall at the beginning of the season it is great preparation for the Summer season. Also finally massive thanks to all parents who ferried all the athletes across the county these past few months to the events. It’s been great to have you along as the support crew. See you all next season – Janine, Lorraine and Janet The first Sportshall of next season will hopefully be at Tunbridge Wells on Sunday 11th October . [pgallery type='flickr' user_id='125031945@N08' view='photosets' photoset_id='72157651254074651' tag_mode='any' sort='date-posted-desc' ]


  • Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon – 22nd February 2015

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    Pos. Name Gun Time Chip Time Cat
    41 Tina OLDERSHAW 01:24:51 01:24:51 FV45 2nd Female and 1st FV45
    43 Maria HESLOP 01:25:03 01:25:00 FV45 3rd Female and 2nd FV45
    69 Steve CHIVERS 01:27:09 01:27:01 M
    94 Claire DAY 01:28:52 01:28:49 F  PB
    96 Pete BUCKINGHAM 01:29:04 01:28:58 MV40
    163 Mark WILD 01:33:25 01:33:19 MV40
    175 Emma HOLLANDS 01:33:50 01:33:42 FV35  PB
    180 Richard BIDOIS 01:34:14 01:34:05 MV40
    195 Elise RENDALL 01:35:08 01:34:59 FV35
    364 Fiona BUCKINGHAM 01:40:34 01:40:23 FV45
    401 Jane DEW 01:42:04 01:41:15 FV45
    402 Stephen SUTTON 01:42:05 01:41:54 M40-49
    785 Lori TRICKER 01:53:32 01:52:17 F
    927 Miriam DORRITY 01:57:54 01:57:22 FV55
    1010 Tim VEYSEY-SMITH 02:00:01 01:57:24 M
    1012 Helen HARDWARE 02:00:01 01:57:24 F
    1118 Stella BEARD 02:03:22 02:01:24 FV35
    1314 Penny ROBERTS 02:12:50 02:10:12 FV65 1st FV65
    Tina, Maria and Claire were the 1st Female Team
  • Malta Marathon – 22nd February 2015

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    Place Name Time Real Time Age Group
    155 NICHOLAS BROWN 3:30:44 3:30:38 MV45
    156 SHIRLEY EXALL 3:30:45 3:30:38 FV45 1st FV45

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