2016 Results

2016 Results


  • PWAC Winter 5k Handicap Event 3 – 21st December 2016

    Tis the season to be jolly Fa la la la la la la la, well it certainly was for the 12 Christmas runners (one for each day of Christmas, how apt) that arrived at the track on Wednesday evening the 21st December, for what was, the 3rd of the clubs handicap runs. First timer John Markham ran a very impressive 27m 45s to take 1st Place, the ever improving Sam Parrett ran a lighting quick time of 20m 08s to take 2nd and Richard Harris returned to excellent form to run 26m 59s to take third place. I would like to give a big thank as always to Dianne (time recorder) and Shirley (Marshall/I/C lighting), ladies I couldn’t do it without you. I hope you all had a great Christmas and that you have a prosperous and peaceful New Year. Happy running Nick [prettyfilelist]
  • End of the Year Run, 10 mile – 27th December 2016

    Full results are available at: http://www.swifttiming.co.uk/cgi-bin/list_race_result.php?meet_event_id=1370001
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    23 01:05:10 01:05:08 TINA OLDERSHAW F45 85.16 Platinum 2  1st female and 1st F45
    75 01:14:39 01:14:30 SAM PARRETT M 59.64 Silver 2
    149 01:28:56 01:28:36 VANESSA MARKHAM F35 58.01 Silver 2
  • PWAC Monthly Mile Time Trial – December 2016

    Paddock Wood Athletic Club Monthly Mile Time Trial (Dec) 2016
    Name Dec Time Age Grade Standard
    Charles George 5.11 75.99% G 3
    Daniel Grimwood 5.28 71.81% G 2
    David Sampson 5.35 81.53% P1
    Trevor Crysell 5.54 71.32% G 2
    John Tilston 5.55 66.85% G 1
    Sam Parrett 5.57 64.09% S 3
    Mark Wild 5.59 68.68% G 1
    Tom Gordon 6.32 61.93% S 3
    John Tolhurst 6.33 71.68% G 2
    Tilly Bullpitt 7.16 58.72% S 2
    Vanessa Hollamby 7.21 72.39% G 2
    Simon Barker 7.24 55.10% S 2
    Mandy Barker 7.27 61.41% S 3
    Diane Tilston 7.52 57.49% S 2
    Melisa Ferns 7.58 62.54% S 3
    Keeley Hoad 7.59 56.03% S 2
    Lorna Goldup 8.34 53.41% S 1
    Penny Roberts 8.50 74.37% G 2
    December’s Mile Time Trial took place in fairly chilly conditions last Tuesday. 18 athletes took part with one of them making history. David Sampson became the first PWAC athlete to obtain a Platinum age grading score.  Very well done David, a stunning run. 8 athletes also achieved the Gold Standard 1 and above once the results had been age graded. First home on the night was once again Charles George and first lady home on the night was Tilly Bullpitt.  Obviously David came out on top once the times were age graded, with Penny Roberts the highest scoring lady. A very well done to those 4 athletes and a big thank you to everybody else that turned up and took park as well as all those who have taken part in the time trials over the past year. Thank you to Mike Ridger for looking after the time keeping duties, and Jeanette Elliott for looking after the track judging duties. The results have been age-graded by John Tolhurst (thank you John) using the latest World Masters Association 2015 tables: http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup15.html
  • Cyclopark Christmas Cracker 10k – 18th December 2016

    Full results are available at: http://www.sportingeventsuk.com/race-results/christmas-cracker-5k-10k-cyclopark
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    40  51:05 50:58 Vanessa Hollamby F50 71.48 Gold 2 2nd F50
  • South of the Thames XC Championships – 17th December 2016

    Full results are available at: http://powerof10.info/resultsfiles/2016/0_122888_18122016193309_SOTCH16RESULT.xls
    Pos Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    83 44:32 Maria Heslop F45 4th female, 1st F45
  • Sportshall – Kent Championships – Ashford – 11th December 2016

    It was the Kent Sportshall Athletics County Championships on Sunday, which were held at the Stour Centre Ashford. Paddock Wood AC had three U11 teams entered. Team 1 achieved the ultimate goal by winning the overall competition, becoming Kent Champions and getting the Best Club award, which they won last year. Dillon Dew paired up with Jessica Penny. Dillon gained valuable points coming 2nd in the Vertical Jump with 52cm and In the Speed Bounce Dillon Jumped 52 while Jessica did 48 bounces. Joe Stone and Lucy Tallon made up the rest of the team with Lucy jumping 1.83m in the Standing Long Jump and Joe 1.82m. The pair won the trophy for the best 2-lap time. The team won the Obstacle relay, which clinched their Victory. The team won with 145 points, Folkestone 2nd with 138points and Claremont Primary School 3rd 129. In team 2 Grace Hughes and Hayden Philips did the Ball Push. Grace pushed 6m and Hayden 5.25m. Erin Clark had an excellent Vertical Jump 40cm, James Boni jumped 31cm and the team came 12th.  Team 3 was made up of some newbies to Sportshall but they still did a good job with Felix Wright throwing 5.50m in the Ball Push finishing 9th overall. His partner James Cooper jumped 1.68m in the Standing Long Jump. Amy Cooper jumped 34cm in the Vertical jump and Kiera Conrad-Pickles jumped 41 in the Speed Bounce. The team came 17th. Jacob Kemmit, who had recently joined the club, came along at the last minute and helped to complete one of the Ashford Julie Rose teams, in which he competed in the Ball Push 4.75m and the Vertical Jump 27cm. In the older age groups U13 Keira Sutherland in her first ever Sportshall had a good standing Long Jump 1.94m and she jumped 66 in the Speed Bounce. U15 Samantha Hockey won the gold medal in the 2-lap race (24.0s) and she won another medal in the Vertical Jump with 49cm. In the U13 boys, Harvey Fordham claimed Silver medals in the Standing Long Jump 2.25m and the Standing Triple Jump 6.82m and a Bronze in the 2-lap race (24.0s). Matthew Brown won an unexpected Bronze in the Shot Putt 4.41m. Alex Stone just missed out on a medal in the Speed Bounce getting 70 bounces and Alex Gray jumped 5.58m in the Standing Triple Jump. Finlay Hollyer won 4 silver medals in the Vertical Jump 52cm, the Standing Long Jump 2.27m, the Standing Triple Jump 7.18m and the Shot Putt 6.14m.
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  • Ditton Turkey Run – 11th December 2016

    Full results are available at: http://www.chiptiminguk.co.uk/ps/results/Turkey%20Run/48679
    Pos Time Chip Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    9 43:43 43:40 Martin Taylor M40 2nd M40
    148 59:38 59:19 Vanessa Hollamby F55 2nd F55
  • SEAA Inter County Cross Country Championship, Horspath, Oxford – 10th December 2016

    Full results are available at: https://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2016/seaaic.pdf Congratulations to Maria, Claire and Tina who represented Kent in the Southern Inter-Counties Cross Country Championships.
    Senior Women's Race - approx. 6km
    Pos Time Name Age Group Comment
    35 23:15 Maria Heslop F45 2nd Kent finisher
    54 24:40 Claire Day F35 5th Kent finisher
    55 24:42 Tina Oldershaw F45 6th Kent finisher
    Kent 'A' team, including Maria, finished in 8th place. Kent 'B' team, including Claire and Tina, finished in 10th place.
  • Greenwich Park Winter Series 10k – 10th December 2016

    Full results are available at: http://racetecresults.com/results.aspx?CId=16586&RId=73 runABC report: http://southernrunningguide.com/news/greenwich-park-winter-10k-series
    Pos Time Name Age Group Age-Grade (WMA 2015)  Standard Comment
    27 43:37 Alan Newman M60 77.34  Gold 3 1st M60
    72 52:49 Sue James F65 80.09 Platinum 1 1st F65
  • PWAC Winter 5k Handicap Event 2 – 30th November 2016

    I am glad to report, that 15 well wrapped up runners and Jack Frost brrrrrrrrr, arrived at the track on Wednesday evening the 30th November, for what was, the 2nd of the clubs handicap runs. Weather conditions were very, very cold and the temp was down at -4 deg. Interestingly the cold conditions spurned our runners on to some great running. Paul Graves ran an excellent 23m24s to take 1st Place, Newcomer Mandy Barker also ran well to take 2nd place in 24m37s and a very happy Lourna Goldup ran a brilliant 29m49s to take third place. A special mention must also go to James Ridger, who ran a blistering 16m59s to take 11th place. Apparently James needed to get home to watch the last episode of The Missing, hence the quick pace! I would like to give a big thank you to Dianne (time recorder) and Shirley (Marshall/I/C lighting). Lastly, I must apologise for the lateness in the posting of the results but it is only now, my fingers have warmed up enough to type on the keyboard. Happy running Nick [prettyfilelist]

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