2017 Results

2017 Results


  • KFL – Fowlmead, Sholden, Deal – 19th February 2017

    Senior Race
    Ov PosLg PosRunnerTimeRating
    3434Stephen Roberts33:1779.38
    9282James Graves37:2249.38
    139116Paul Graves40:3528.12
    20558Malissa Ferns47:4614.93
  • Tunbridge Wells Half Marathon – 19th February 2017

    Full results are available at: http://nice-work.us15.list-manage.com/track/click?u=6aa7ad6e226fdf1e4843099f7&id=e7449e09e3&e=9cfeedfae5
    PosTimeChip TimeNameAge GroupAge-Grade (WMA 2015) StandardComment
    1301:17:1701:17:13Colin TrickerM76.00Gold 3
    3401:22:2901:22:27Maria HeslopF4588.86Platinum 21st female and 1st F45
    4201:23:4901:23:49Steven ChalklenM69.68Gold 1
    5401:26:4001:26:40Tina OldershawF4584.54Platinum 13rd female and 2nd F45
    10001:28:5701:28:47Clive GigneyM66.28Gold 1
    13801:32:2001:32:07David SampsonM5074.62Gold 2
    15901:33:2301:33:23Emma HollandsF3574.44Gold 2
    17601:34:1701:33:59Elise RendallF3571.34Gold 2
    34801:41:1901:40:37Sam ParrettM58.72Silver 2
    41301:43:4901:43:49Stephen SuttonM4060.15Silver 3
    55101:47:4101:47:00Ian SutherlandM4056.93Silver 2
    56501:48:1301:47:56Nicholas BrownM4058.33Silver 2
    73001:53:0301:52:10Jane DewF4563.85Silver 3
    96001:59:3901:57:48Vanessa HollambyF5565.90Gold 1
    109202:05:1902:03:12Vanessa MarkhamF3555.11Silver 2
    114702:07:5602:06:04Diana TilstonF3554.26Silver 1
    141102:24:5602:22:59Paul NightingaleM4042.95Bronze 2
    Maria, Tina and Emma were the first Women's team home.
  • Southern Counties Veterans Indoor Championships, Lee Valley Arena, Picketts Lock – 19th February 2017

    EventNameAge CategoryTime/DistancePositionComment
    60mMark WoodsM558.413SCVAC Bronze
    200mMark WoodsM5526.632SCVAC Silver
    200mSue JamesW6542.422SCVAC Silver
    800mSue JamesW653:34.581SCVAC Gold
    800mAlan NewmanM602:47.942SCVAC Silver
    3000mAlan NewmanM6011:49.712SCVAC Silver
    3000m walkMalcolm MartinM6016:23.641SCVAC Gold
    3000m walkAngela Martin W5020:17.341SCVAC Gold
  • Kent Cross Country League, Footscray Meadows Sidcup – 11th February 2017

    Full results are available at: http://www.kcaa.org.uk/kent%20league%20results.htm
    Senior Men
    84Alan Newman38:302nd M60
    League Overall: (370 competed - 4 races to count)
    185Alan Newman(14th M60) 2 races completed
    282Martin Taylor(M45) 1 race completed
     Senior Women
    3Maria Heslop17:381st F45
    5Tina Oldershaw18:442nd F45
    15Elise Rendall19:183rd F35
    65Sue James24:221st F65
    Teams (3-to-score): 1st Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 15pts; 2nd Paddock Wood AC 23pts; 3rd Tonbridge AC 36pts.
    League Overall: (223 competed - 4 races to count)
    1Maria Heslop(1st W45) 4 races completed
    3Tina Oldershaw(2nd W45) 4 races completed
    7Elise Rendall(2nd W35) 4 races completed
    38Claire Day(8th W35) 3 races completed
    119Sue James(1st W65) 2 races completed
    153Sarah Shepheard1 race completed
    Teams (3-to-score): 1st Paddock Wood AC 66pts; 2nd Blackheath & Bromley Harriers 65pts; 3rd Tonbridge AC 60pts.
  • PWAC Monthly Mile Time Trial – February 2017

    Paddock Wood Athletic Club Monthly Mile Time Trial (Feb) 2017
    NameAgeFeb TimeAge GradeStandard
    Clive Gidney365.3268.92%G1
    David Sampson565.3579.83%G3
    Sam Parrett365.5764.09%S3
    Nicholas Smith425.5866.79%G1
    Darren Hendley396.1262.85%S3
    Ian Sutherland426.1364.10%S3
    Steve Sutton476.2963.88%S3
    Steve Large466.3163.06%S3
    Paul Graves506.5960.74%S3
    Diana Tilston428.0755.72%S2
    Richard Elliott628.1956.45%S2
    Sue Chivers598.4763.82%S3
    Penny Roberts699.0172.86%G2
    February saw only 14 PWAC athlete’s brave very wet and windy conditions to run the mile time trial. Far from ideal weather conditions to run a good time but despite that there were some excellent runs and times on the night. First home on the night was new club member Clive Gigney in a very respectable 5.32.6., Clive was chased down the home straight by the machine that is know as David Sampson, David finished in 5.35.2 next home was Sam Parrett, Sam was timed at 5.57.4. Darren Hendley a time trial first timer completed the top four home with a time of 6.12.1. First lady home and one of only 3 women running on the night was Dianne Tilston in a time of 8.07.8. Sadly on the night Daniel Grimwood had to pull up injured after 2 laps, nothing to serious I’m glad to say. Once the results were age graded 4 runners produced impressive Gold Standard runs. Coming out on top on the night and showing that age is not a barrier was David Sampson with a Gold Standard 3 run and Penny Roberts a Gold Standard 2 run. A big thank must go to Miriam Dorrity and John Tilston for braving the elements to look after the time keeping and track judging duties and Keeley Hoad for coming along and videoing the trial. The results have been age-graded by John Tolhurst (thank you John) using the latest World Masters Association 2015 tables:  http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup15.html You can use your mile time to get an approximate 10k time by multiplying your time by 7.2.
  • Fulfords 5 mile – 5th February 2017

    Full results are available at: http://www.exmouth-harriers.co.uk/Results/Fulfords%205/F5%202017/rptResult.html
    PosTimeNameAge GroupAge-Grade (WMA 2015) StandardComment
    5033:38Des WhiteM6079.34Gold 31stM60
    13340:11Alison WhiteF6077.73Gold 32nd F60
  • Cancer Research UK London Winter Run 10k – 5th February 2017

    Full results are available at: http://www.londonwinterrun.co.uk/
    PosTimeChip TimeNameAge GroupAge-Grade (WMA 2015) StandardComment
    343855:34 53:42Sue JamesF6577.77Gold 31st F65
    343955:3453:42Alan NewmanM6063.84Silver 321st M60
    1:03:051:00:46Josh Parrett44.87Bronze 2
    1:03:101:00:52Jared Sutherland44.28Bronze 2
    1:04:351:02:16Ian Sutherland45.21Bronze 3
    1:04:351:02:17Sam Parret43.67Bronze 2
    1:04:351:02:17Diana Tilston59.42Silver 2
  • KFL – Rough Common, Canterbury – 5th February 2017

    Senior Race
    Ov PosLg PosRunnerTimeRating
    421Sarah Shepherd34:41100.00
    4645David Sampson34:5579.44
    5755Stephen Roberts35:4174.77
    7572Peter Buckingham36:3366.82
    885Emma Hollands37:3794.94
    111102Kim Stanley38:4752.80
    115105Steve Sutton39:0251.40
    121109Nicholas Brown39:1749.53
    144120Paul Mace40:3344.39
    155130Simon Poole40:5839.72
    17832Fiona Buckingham42:5960.76
    179147Paul Graves43:0031.78
    19235Vanessa Hollamby43:3856.96
    21947Shirley Exall45:5341.77
    24456Malissa Ferns48:2430.38
    25766Annie Ross50:2917.72
    Junior Races
    Under 11 Girls
    Race PositionRace NumberNameClubTime
    152Millie DackDeal Tri14:24
    256Ella BakerSevenoaks AC14:34
    342Abi UzairiDeal Tri14:42
    431Molly BrownPaddock Wood AC15:41
    560Ferne PierceDeal Tri15:43
    658Tabitrha Elcoch-HaskinsSevenoaks AC16:59
    735Hannah GalliganSevenoaks AC17:18
    8108Evie BrentonCanterbury Harriers18:17
    913Emily Rose LuckmanSwanley & District AC18:39
    1090Scarlett HewittSwanley & District AC19:19
    11113Isabella SappSittingbourne Striders20:59
    1241Ani DexterSwanley & District AC23:00
    Under 11 Boys
    167Liam James O'NeilPaddock Wood AC11:50
    251Alex DackDeal Tri11:52
    319Ollie ArmesSevenoaks AC12:22
    418Verna KrynauwSevenoaks AC12:24
    561Adam WhitlockDeal Tri13:13
    675Callum HickmanDeal Tri13:28
    783Harrison BrooksDartford Harriers13:29
    848Tom BluntCanterbury Harriers13:55
    94Max WatsonDeal Tri14:43
    1059Maxwell HaslamNew Eltham Joggers15:16
    1176Ethan HickmanDeal Tri15:25
    1298Finlay Thomas CunnighamThanet Roadrunners AC15:40
    1381Ed HammondDeal Tri15:44
    1478Oliver MarkhamPaddock Wood AC16:00
    1564Skye Harry KeeleyDeal Tri17:04
    16105Harvey PetersDeal Tri17:23
    1755Dylan Arthur HolmesPaddock Wood AC17:50
    1817Joshua John LuckmanSwanley & District AC19:23
    19107William BrentonCanterbury Harriers19:39
    20112Alexander SappSittingbourne Striders20:32
    2165Samual ValentiSittingbourne Striders21:06
    Under 14 Girls
    187Jenny SwandaleRhanet Roadrunners AC12:02
    236Julia Sackville-WestSevenoaks AC13:44
    354Rebekah-Eve GoodhandDeal Tri14:38
    410Annabel ArnoldSwanley & District AC15:05
    5101Emma BlackmoreDeal Tri16:05
    611Elizabeth HuntSwanley & District AC16:10
    712Libby Denyse LuckmanSwanley & District AC18:30
    8110Jessica HickmanDeal Tri20:35
    991Molly HewittSwanley & District AC28:30
    Under 14 Boys
    169Samuel KingDeal Tri11:07
    263Oliver BurgessDartford Harriers11:48
    350Harry IvesDartford Harriers11:55
    485Dylan LeachThanet Roadrunners ac12:21
    524Harvey TaylorSevenoaks AC14:10
    614Ben HoweSwanley & District AC16:17
    7104Cameron PetersDeal Tri27:31
    Uner 17 Girls
    173Claudia BatesDartford Harriers13:51
    26Rebecca HalesThanet Roadrunners AC14:31
    Under 17 Boys
    188Henry SwandalwThanet Roadrunners AC11:03
    2106Benjamin Patrick McNallyDartford Harriers11:41
    349Mathew BoucherDeal Tri12:02
    4103Morgan PetersDeal Tri15:21
  • Ashford & District 10k – 5th February 2017

    Full results are available at: http://niceworkevents.blogspot.co.uk/2017/02/sunday-5th-february-2017-girlings.html
    PosTimeChip TimeNameAge GroupAge-Grade (WMA 2015) StandardComment
    1300:37:0100:37:01Maria HeslopF4591.49Platinum 31st female and 1st F45
    26100:53:3900:53:27Chloe KeenF4560.52Silver 3
    31200:55:3300:52:12David CogleM51.50Silver 1
    43301:03:0901:02:39John MarkhamM4546.02Bronze 3
  • Carl Sheldon: A Tribute by Alan Newman

    Carl Sheldon's funeral on 12th January 2017 was well supported by his club, Paddock Wood AC, but many newer members will be unaware of this fine veteran sprinter's athletics achievements. Club coach, Alan Newman, has been given a wonderful photo of Carl representing GB Masters in the World Masters Championships in Riccione, Italy in September, 2007. Carl was everything a coach would wish for in an athlete. He trained hard but intelligently, expertly maximising his potential. He understood that having come into a tough sport at a later age he had to train smart to compete at the highest level but there was nothing that would stop him from testing himself against the best in the world. Highlights from Carl's short but successful international career were the World Championships at Riccione in 2007 and Indoor World Championships at Clermont-Ferrand, France in 2008. He also competed in the European Veterans Stadia Championships at Ljubjana, Slovakia in 2008. Carl was ranked in the top ten nationally at his peak and his best positions were sixth at 60m and 100m and indoor 200m in 2008. His personal bests (aged 65 plus) were 9.05 for 60m indoors; 14.18 for 100m and 29.91 for 200m in 2008. He also recorded 73.07 for 400m in 2007. All these results were achieved in national or international events and are club records. Less well known records owned by Carl are a share of the M55 high jump (1.20m) with Brian Belton and the M60 pole vault best (1.50m) – he was particularly proud of the latter mark! Carl enjoyed nothing more than competing in GB M65 sprint relay teams and he won a World Championship silver medal at Clermont-Ferrand in the 4x200m (1:59.54) and European silver in the 4x400m (4:42.66) and bronze in the 4x100m (55.56) at Ljubjana in 2008. I will remember Carl as a dedicated athlete who prepared meticulously for major championships, with the knack of bringing his best performances out when it mattered most. I will also remember his Indiana Jones dress sense, Sean Connery looks and ironic humour in any circumstances. He was extremely sociable and great company whether at an athletics match, club function or any excuse to simply enjoy life. Club members should look at the attached photo and see an athlete in his prime, exhibiting great style and determination plus pride in carrying the national colours in the heat of competition. Thanks Carl, it was a pleasure to know you and to share some of those special moments at home and abroad. Alan Newman
    Photo provided by Tom Phillips. View more Masters Athletics, mountain scene and river view photos at http://www.tomphillipsphotos.co.uk/

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