Road Runners Group News – December 2015

Further to the note in the December stopwatch times and our intention to encourage greater participation in road running events and get the PWAC team ethos back we can update you as follows:-

1) From today under the events header tab the road running calendar will now contain details of all relevant details of training and events. This will contain basic details of all training and races with further details available in the same locations as before. The idea behind this is having the basic details in one place will allow members to better plan their training and racing goals.

2) Their are no further Kent Grand Prix dates yet available (the Thanet 20 has been withdrawn due to water board works). Further race dates are due to be announced imminently and we will place them on the website as soon as we have them.

Both the current scheduled races Canterbury 10 on 24th January and Tunbridge Wells half can reach the entry limit before the event. If you are intending to enter these events please do so in advance.

We are intending to organise better car sharing to events this year to help reduce costs and encourage newcomers.

3) Invitations to mob matches will be sent out to other clubs in due course. The matches themselves will not take place before the spring/summer.

The Road Runners Group are Nick Brown, Fiona Buckingham, Pete Buckingham, Keeley Hoad, Emma Hollands, John Tilston and John Tolhurst.

Please speak to any of us at training or e-mail us via

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