Round Norfolk Relay 2019

As the dust settles after the PWHM and marathon season, the club starts preparing for our entry in the Round Norfolk Relay. This year the race falls over the weekend of the 14th-15th September. It will be our 21st year at the event. Please put this date in your diaries!

For the uninitiated, the Round Norfolk Relay is a 17-stage race (requiring 17 runners) covering a total of 197.93 miles. The race attracts over 60 clubs from around the country. The stages vary in distance from 5.49 miles up to 19.67 miles and are run around the clock. Last year we managed to complete the course in a very respectable 22 hours, 40 minutes and 19 seconds (average 6 min. 53 seconds per mile).

Ideally we would like to enter the ‘Club’ Category which requires at least 5 females and, without condition to gender, 6 masters (men over 40 and women over 35 on race day). 

As always, we would like to field the strongest team possible and the target will be to beat our own club record of 21hours 18minutes and 5 seconds. Therefore, if you are interested in either running or helping (i.e. with driving the mini-bus, driving support vehicles, cycling alongside the runners etc) please let me know.

This race really is a unique experience for the runners and helpers involved and it is quite aptly billed as ‘the ultimate cub challenge’.  Full race details can be found on the following website:

 James Ridger

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