SCVAC League, Kent Division – Julie Rose Stadium, Ashford – 14th May 2018

Firstly well done all of team and in all not a bad night. I will let the two Trevor’s argue over the bragging rights for the 200m 0.1s between them, one 1st the other 5th. Nicola with a new club record in the discus beating the 17 year old record with a throw of 15.53m. Also a claim for a Club Record a M65, 1.5kg Discus by David Perman as one does not exist at present (cheeky). The team results are below

Men – Division 2

M35 200m
Trevor Simms (M50) 28.4s 5th (A)
Trevor Crysell (M50) 28.5s 1st (B)

M50 200m
Les Percival (M60) 30.3s 2nd

M35 Long Jump
Trevor Crysell (M50) 4.37m 1st

M50 Long Jump
Peter Stennett (M60) 2.42m 6th

M35 Discus
Trevor Crysell (M50) 13.66m 4th

M50 Discus
David Perman (M65) 12.05m 6th.(Club Record for M65 1.5kg Discus)

M60 Discus
Peter Stennett (M60) 21.40m 2nd

Match Details 
1 Cambridge                 7    78
2 Bromley Veterans     6     71
3 Bexley B                    5     54
4 Sevenoaks                 4     46
5 Swanley                     3     42
6 Paddock Wood            2    37

Women – Division 2

W50 Discus
Nicola Whiffen (W50) 15.53m 2nd (New Club Record)

Match Details 
1 Tonbridge B                6     66
2 Swanley                     5     42
3 Ashford                      4     33
4 Sevenoaks                 3     14
5 Paddock Wood           2     5

Both teams could have come at least a place higher if there were athletes who were prepared to run in 1500m races, slowest time in the M35 A string race 6m 10.9s and in the B string race 6m 56.2s while in the M50 race 7m 31.9s and finally in the M60 race 8m 48.6s. While in the Women’s races the slowest times were W35 A string 6m 36.6s, B string 7m 37.1s, the only competitor in the W50 race finished in 7m 49.4s and in the W60 race 8m 48.6s.

The next meeting is at Tonbridge with 100m and 800m races for men and women, come along and have a go.

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