SportsHall Ashford – Sunday 7th December 2014

Four U/11 teams from Paddock Wood AC competed in the Kent County Sportshall Championships held at the Stour Centre, Ashford on Sunday. There were 33 teams competing from all over Kent. In Team 1 Harvey Fordham was paired up with Holly Tapp. Their first event was the Standing Long Jump which Harvey won with a Jump of 2.05m and Holly came 12th with 1.78m this was out of 61 competitors. Their other field event was the Overhead Ball Throw where Harvey came 5th 7.50m and Holly 11th 6.78m. The other two members of the team were Mollie and Dillon Dew. Mollie had an excellent Speed Bounce finishing 5th with 54 bounces, Dillon jumped 46. Dillon beat his sister in the Vertical Jump, coming 11th with 43cm and Molly 42 to come 13th. All team members did an Under & Over Relay and either a flat race or hurdles. The team fished 5th.

Team 2 consisted of Freya Kirk-Martin and Joe Stone and Elaya Eldridge and Alex Stone. Freya’s best event was her Vertical Jump 0.34cm and Joe’s was the Overhead Ball Throw 5m. Alex did well in the Standing Long Jump 1.56m whilst Elaya proved strong in the Speed bounce 46 bounces. The team came 19th.

Team 3 was made up of Martha Peachy paired with Rhys Mitchell, who was at a sportshall competition for the very first time. He did extremely well in the Speed Bounce with 47. Martha came 13th with 53 bounces. Mathew Brown threw 5.25m in the ball throw whilst Liam O’Neil threw 5m. The team finished 27th.

Our youngest team which consisted of two new comers and two more experienced athletes came 32nd. Alasdair Dow did exceedingly well in the Standing Long Jump coming 29th out of 61 with a jump of 1.62m. Demi Barker did 38 bounces in the Speed Bounce, an event which she has only practised a few times. Eddie Kirk –Martin was only going to come and watch then decided to have a go himself. Having missed the practices they had at training, he did well taking part in the vertical Jump and the ball throw. Eva Wilson did well in the Vertical jump with 34cm. The team finished 32nd .

In the older age group U/17 Mia Morgan won 2 gold medals. She won the Vertical Jump with 46cm and the Standing Long Jump 1.66m. She won a Silver medal in the Speed Bounce with 68 Bounces. U/15 James O’Gorman claimed a Bronze medal in the Shot Putt 9.34m and just missed out on a medal in the vertical jump by 2 cm. Samantha Hockey was unlucky not to get a medal in the events she covered. She did an excellent 78 in her Speed Bounce and 2.00m in the Standing Long Jump.  She won her 4 lap heat and just missed on the third place in the overall results. Eloise Winton competed in the U/15 girls. She jumped 5.14m in the Standing Triple Jump and putt the Shot  6.41 a PB.

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