SportsHall Folkestone – Sunday 9th November 2014

On Sunday PWAC had 14 Juniors out in action in Folkestone, there were 5 first timers to the teams who had never competed in Sportshall. The U11’s highest finish was PWAC Team 1 (Mollie Dew, Harvey Fordham, Freya-Kirk-Martin & Alex Stone) finishing a fantastic 4th Place. The PWAC Team 2 (Dillion Dew, Liam O Neil, Elaya Eldridge, Ben Barnett) finished  13th and PWAC Team 3 (Matthew Brown, Joe Stone, Lucy Tallon, Kiera Barnett)  finished 22nd, all in the team were relatively new to Sports Hall. Some fine individual performances include a new U11 record set by Harvey Fordham in the Standing Triple Jump of 6.82. Mollie and Elya also did well with jumps of 5.05 and 4.69 respectively. In the Vertical Jump Dillion was the top PWAC jumping 0.40 and Freya and Lucy were not far behind jumping 0.37 and 0.36 respectively. First Timers Kiera and Liam O Neil impressed with 0.27 and 0.20. Alex was the leading PWAC in Ball Push in 6.00 and in speed bounce Mollie and Ben Barnett were top scorers.

In the U13 Girls competing in all the events. Sam Hockey finished in 6th place with a high finish in the speed bounce, and Elizabeth Walkling who was also another first timer finished a creditable 28th having her best performance in the vertical jump.

Special thanks to all the teams and parents who made the hour trek to Folkestone.

The next Sports Hall is The Kent Championships in Ashford on Sunday 7th December

Pictures below (Missing from Team picture is Elizabeth, Ben & Kiera, Lucy)

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