Sportshall Match, Ashford – 18th November 2018

The number of athletes that are competing in Sportshall this season continues to grow and we were in a position field 2 full under 11 teams along an under 13 girls and under 15 boys team. This just left Joe Stone to compete for the under 13 boys. (All plans have their hic-ups) where with delays we has to re arrange the under 11 team 2 to ensure that everyone who was there got to compete in all events.  I would like to personally thank Ruby Waite for competing with Ashford which allowed 2 boys from Swale to compete.

Competing for the first time Harry Vellacott, Jack Hames, Ruby Waite (under 11), Kiera Conrad-Pickles, Charlotte Parker (under 13), Liam Simms, Joseph Bevis and Alex Gray (under 15).

The under 15 boys competed well. Alex Stone Joint 1st in Speed Bounce (77), 2nd in Shot Put (8.73m) finishing 2nd overall, Alex Grey 2nd in Long Jump (2.49m), 3rd in the 4 Lap race (47.2sec.) finishing 3rd overall. Joseph Bevis 2nd in the 4 Lap race (46.6sec.), 3rd in Speed Bounce (70) finishing 4th overall. Liam Simms 4th in Speed Bounce (69), 5th in the 4 Lap race (49.1sec.) finishing 6th overall.

In the under 13 girls, Molly Brown 1st in Vertical Jump (56cm), 4th in Shot Put (6.45m), finishing 7th overall after twisting her ankle. Abigail Exall 4th in Long Jump (2.06m), 5th in the 4 Lap race (52.4sec.) finishing 11th overall. Charlotte Parker 14th in the 4 Lap race (54.3sec.), 22nd in Shot Put (4.79m) finishing 21st overall. Kiera Conrad-Pickles 10th in the 4 Lap race (53.7sec), 32nd in Speed Bounce (63) finishing 34th overall.

Joe Stone competed for the under 13 boys, 2nd in the 4 Lap race (49.5sec.), 2nd in Shot Put (7.49m) finishing 3rd overall.

For the under 11s the top performances are Aaron Brown 2nd in High Stepper (13.7secs) Harry Vellacott 7th in Ball Push (5.25m) Jack Hames 14th in Speed Bounce (47) Nico Walters 8th in Speed Bounce (48) Ruby Waite 54th in Ball Push (3.00m) Tilly Ryan 30th in Speed Bounce (43) William Hirst 3rd in Ball Push (5.75m). Paddock Wood Team 1 were 3rd overall and will receive a Bronze Medal.

Well done Aaron, Nico, Tilly and William from Team 1

After 2 matches the overall competition standing for the under 13 and under 15 age groups are.

Under 13 Boys
Joe Stone 1st (2 matches) 4 points
Under 13 Girls
Molly Brown 3rd (2 matches) 9 points
Abigail Exall 6th (2 matches) 16 points
Charlotte Parker 11th (2 matches) 33 points
Kiera Conrad-Pickles 39th (1 match) 34 points
Under 15 Boys
Alex Stone 1st (2 matches) 5 points
Harvey Fordham 4th (1 match) 1 point
Alex Grey 6th (1 match) 3 points
Joseph Bevis 9th (1 match) 5 points
Liam Simms 10th (1 match) 6 points


We look forward to see you all back in Ashford for the Kent Championships on the 9th December.


Leslie Stone

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