Sportshall Match Report, Tunbridge Wells – 6 October 2019

The number of athletes competed in the first Sportshall match this season and we were in a position field an under 11 team, 1 under 13 boy, 2 under 13 girl, an under 15 girls and under 15 boys team.

With this being the first match along with new faces taking part, our athletes competed well and enjoyed this noisy fun environment.

Competing for the first time Amillia Beaumaster, Daniel Ositelu (under 11), Rebecca Ositelu (under 13) and Elizabeth Ositelu (under 15)

The under 15 boys competed well. Alex Gray – 2nd  in Triple Jump (7.84m), Joint 2nd in the 2 lap race (21.5s), 3rd in Vertical Jump (59cm) finishing 4th overall.  Alex Stone – 1st in Speed Bounce (78), 2nd in Shot Put (9.99m) finishing 3rd overall. Harvey Fordham – 1st in Vertical Jump (71cm), 1st in Triple Jump (8.66m), 1st in the 2 lap race (21.2s), 3rd in Shot Put (9.65m), 3rd in Speed Bounce (75) finishing 1st overall.  Team – 1st with 3 to score (2513 points).

In the under 15 girls Abigail Exall – Triple Jump (6.49m), Speed Bounce (72), 2 lap race (23.9s) finishing 10th overall.  Elizabeth Ositelu – Shot Put (7.40m), Triple Jump (5.77m), 2 lap race (23.7s) finishing 11th overall. Molly Brown – 3rd in Triple Jump (6.56m), Speed Bounce (74), 2 lap race (23.5s) finishing 4th overall. Team – 3rd with 3 to score (2073 points).

We were unable to get enough athletes competing to make up a team in the under 13 age group.  Competing in her first Sportshall, Rebecca Ositelu finished 8th overall with some strong performances – Vertical Jump (50cm), Shot Put (5.68m) and speed bounce (65), 2 lap race (24s).  Kiera Conrad-Pickles – Speed Bounce (59), 2 lap race (24.2s) finishing 12th overall.   Joe Stone competed as our only under 13 boy winning the age group. His best performances were 1st in Shot Put (9.46m), 1st in Triple Jump (7.29m), 2nd in Speed Bounce (77), 2nd in the 2 lap race (21.7s) and 3rd in Vertical Jump (55cm).

For the under 11s the top performances are Daniel Ositelu – Long Jump (1.78m), 2nd in Vertical Jump (51cm). Nico Walters – Long Jump (1.73m), Joint 5th in Speed Bounce (52). Tilly Ryan – Long Jump (1.62m), Foam Javelin (10.75m). Amillia Beaumaster – Balance Beam (36s), Speed Bounce (48).

Our Under 11 team came 4th in Long Jump, 5th in the 2 lap race finishing 8th overall.

I would like to thank all our athletes for taking part and look forward to watching them continue to develop throughout the season. Our next match will be on Sunday 17th November at the Stour Centre Ashford.

Leslie Stone

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