Sportshall at Tunbridge Wells – Sunday 6th October 2013

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Last Sunday was the first of the County Sportshall competitions at St Johns Tunbridge Wells.

There was 1 full U/11 teams and 3 children made up other complete teams with children from Folkestone & Swanley There was only one U/13 boys Toby West who was in his first year as an U/13. Three U/13 girls took part again all moving up this year from the U/11s they were Erin Frankel, Samantha Hockey and Amelia Emmerson. Samantha Hockey Jumped 78 bounces in the speed bounce putting her in the top3 for that event. She jumped 4.90m in the Standing Triple Jump. Erin Frankel came close to Samantha in the Standing Triple with 4.82m and jumped 71 in the Speed Bounce. Amelia’s best event was her Speed Bounce 61 bounces. U/15 Luke Prater in his first sportshall competition for the club found the opposition rather daunting as they were all nearly a year older than him. Luke managed 50cm in the vertical Jump and ran an excellent 2 lap race in (24.3s).U/13 Toby West jumped 5.48m in his Standing Triple Jump and ran (26.1s) for his 2 lap race. Holly Tapp, Harvey Fordham, Emily Shepherd and Joseph Shepheard made up Team A in the U/11s Martha McCarthy, Martha Peachy and Liam Simms helped make up other teams as their 4th member had fractured his arm the day before. Martha Peachy jumped 55 in the Speed Bounce a great result for one so small, to win the event. Emily Shepherd came 2nd in the Vertical Jump with 44 cm. Harvey Fordham jumped into 3rd place in the Standing Long Jump with 1.89m, Holly Tapp jumped 1.68m in the same event. Joseph Shepheard did the Ball throw to come 10th with 5.75. Liam Simms in his first ever competition for the club jumped 30cm in the vertical Jump. Martha McCarthy jumped 40 bounces in the Speed Bounce.

The next competition is on the 10th November at Folkestone.

Janet Duffin

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