The Virgin Money London Marathon and PWAC Need Your Help

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Become a Mile 22 Water Station Volunteer

The criteria for volunteering at the 2020 Virgin London Marathon (VLM) has not changed from 2019.  No juniors under 14yr old’s are allowed to volunteer (due to data protection issues) and all juniors 14 -17yrs who do volunteer must be accompanied by a responsible adult. The minimum number of volunteers in the team is 60, the maximum number is 100.

Volunteers if you helped last year all you have to do this year is let me know you would like to help again this year. Any NEW volunteers to the event will have to sign up themselves to the team’s online portal. I will send out the link on request to any newcomers wishing to come along.

Paddock Wood Athletic Club has once again been given the honour of manning the mile 22 water station in The Highway E1.  This is directly opposite the halfway point of the race so the ideal place to take in the race atmosphere and watch not only your fellow club runners but approx. 40,000 other runners trying to tame the marathon. They will all be relying on us for support, help and let’s not forget the main reason we are there to keep the runners well hydrated.  The club have had this honour for the last 30 years.

This year’s VLM will be held on Sunday 26th April.

This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of the world’s largest mass participation marathon and one of Great Britain’s greatest sporting events / spectacles.  Return travel by luxury coach to the water station is provided free of charge, paid for by the VLM.  T shirts, caps and gloves are also provided along with ponchos should they be required.  It is a long day and will probably be even longer this year due to problems last year that I’m sure you have heard about.

The coaches leave Paddock Wood at 7:30am sharp and the return in the early evening, sorry but I cannot be more precise at this point as I am unsure when the road will be open for us to leave but it will be later than last year. It is hard work but it can also be very enjoyable and satisfying to know you have been a help to so many runners.

I will also be looking for a small group of people (men and women) to go up on what has become affectionately known as the early bus (leaving at 5:30am) to help take delivery of the water, tables etc.


Should you or your family or friends wish to help at the mile 22 water station, YOU need to contact me and let me know, if you are new to the event you will need to sign up online once I have sent you the link.       Please don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to help LM & PWAC.

Richard Elliott

VLM Mile 22 Water Station Team Leader

01892 832093 / 07970817664

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