Track & Field Leagues

Kent Young Athletes’ League

This league caters for U/13 and U/15 Boys and Girls. There are 4 matches, all in Kent as the league name suggests.

Team Managers are Carol and Laura Wellbelove.

We compete in this league along with SFactor from Lewisham.

UKA Youth Development League

This league caters for the U/17 and U/20 Men & Women. There are 4 matches at various venues and we face stiff competition in this league, but I feel confident we can hold our own.

Team Manager is Mick Duffin.

We compete in this league as a composite team with Invicta East Kent and wear a special vest.

Southern Women’s Track & Field League

This league caters for our senior and Veteran ladies as well as U/20, U/17 and U/15’s.

Team Managers are Liz Duffin & Kate Maryon. This is a good league because it enables the more nervous first timers on the track to have a go without too much pressure.

Southern Men’s Track & Field League

This league caters for our Senior and Veteran men as well as U20 and U17’s.

Team Manager (Provisionally) is Mark Woods. We have been out of this league for a couple of years and some members have expressed a desire for some more competition, so we re-affiliated a couple of weeks ago. With the coming of our training track very soon we should be able to get some good performances.

Southern Veterans’ League (Kent)

This is your chance as a Veteran (or Master) athlete to compete under floodlights. It is designed for Men & Women aged 35 and over. Each match takes place on a Monday or Friday evening and due to the ages of some of the competitors we often have to have the floodlights on as we take so long to do anything. (Only Joking – but you should see some of us trying to hurdle with a Zimmer Frame!)

Team Manager is Richard Bidois. Veterans aged 35 or so are mostly still in peak condition, so there are some really good performances in this league. Even those of us aged 70 and over are competitive, or try to be!

Don’t be shy. If you fancy a go on the track or in field events just ask one of the team managers above who will give you a lot of advice and assistance. 

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