Virgin Money London Marathon 2020 Update

On Friday evening while enjoying the PWAC dinner and presentation evening I received an important email from  the Virgin Money London Marathon Events team (VMLM) and I am more than happy to pass on the following points to you all that hopefully will be of interest. (further details are in the attached document)

  1. VMLM thanked PWAC for doing such a fabulous job at the 2019 London Marathon.


  1. VMLM confirmed PWAC will be receiving in early December 5 guaranteed places for the 2020 40th London Marathon for doing such a great job in 2019. Please remember those wishing to apply for a Club Guaranteed place, don’t forget I will need your rejection slip and the points you have accrued by the end of November.


  1. I was asked once again to be the Mile 22 Water Station Team Leader with a team from PWAC. You will be happy (I hope) to know I have accepted this offer as well as accepting the offer on behalf of PWAC.


  1. Consoles for entering the guaranteed places will be open shortly as will the login process for Water Station volunteers. If you volunteered last year it should be quite a straight forward process this coming year.


  1. London Marathon Events Ltd (LMEL) has also sent through a list of all the events they are involved with and that you might like to enter, along with their dates. Please see list below.

LMEL have also asked if we at PWAC could put together a team of volunteers to help at the Prudential Ride London Event (PRL). Keep your eyes open for more information shortly on volunteering at both the VMLM and PRL.

Please keep a look out in the SWT on the Website or by Email for more information.



Richard Elliott

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