World Marathon Challenge – 24th May 2018

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in our attempt at beating the World Record for the marathon at the track on Thursday 24th May. We had an enthusiastic bunch of adults and children, who refused to give up until we had finished the whole thing, which we did in a fantastic time of 2hours 14minutes 32seconds. I suspect we probably had the widest age range of any team taking part from 9 years old to 60+.

We may not have beaten the men’s record (2.02.57) but we did beat the women’s record (2.15.25), and with two weeks to go we are standing 27th of 53 entered teams, but for mixed teams of any age we are currently 8th (Havering AC beat our time by 18seconds!). The current leading times for a mixed any age team is 1.49.21 by Graham’s Gazelles in Nottingham, and the best of the junior teams is 1.49.08 by St Georges School in Sheerness.

Well done to everyone who took part & thanks to everyone that helped to organise, time keep and record. Also apologies to those parents whose kids refused to leave the track until we had finished, I hope they weren’t too grumpy the next morning!

Thank you for your support!

Liz Duffin


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