Sportshall Athletics

Kent County Athletic Association (held in the spirit of UK Athletics rules)

For details on the PWAC involvement in these events please contact Janet Duffin on or Janine Brown at training.


  • Under 13 (School years 7 and 8), Under 15 (School years 9 and 10) and Under 17 (School years 11 and 12). That is, last summer’s age groups.
  • Four boys or four girls for Under-13 and Under-15 teams. No team competition for Under-17’s.
  • Individuals may enter in any of the 3 age groups.
  • The number of teams per club/school in any age group may be limited if the meeting is oversubscribed.


Team event: Here is an example of the type of events that are held at Sportshall fixtures

2 lap race 4 lap race 2 lap race 2/4/6 lap races 4 lap race 2 lap races
Vertical jump Vertical jump Vertical jump Vertical jump Vertical jump Vertical jump
Standing Long Jump Standing Triple Jump Standing Long Jump Standing Long Jump Standing Long Jump Standing Triple Jump
Standing Triple Jump
Speed bounce Speed bounce Speed bounce Speed bounce Speed bounce Speed bounce
Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot Shot
  • Sportshall Med Ball Challenge 2016

    Those who completed the Med Ball challenge during the winter months your scores are now on the website. The club is 22nd overall. There are individual tables for the top 36. Badges have been ordered and will be here soon.

  • Sportshall – Tunbridge Wells – 13th March 2016


    Sunday 13th March saw the last of the Kent Sportshall competitions held at St Johns leisure Centre Tunbridge Wells. Because of the refurbishments, part of the competition was held in a tennis court and part in the Sportshall itself. Paddock Wood AC originally had 5 U/11 teams entered, but unfortunately their star jumper Harvey Fordham fractured his ankle the week before which meant his ambition to take the county U/11 Long Jump record along with the Triple jump which he already has, could not happen. A couple of no-shows meant the teams were down to 4 and Jessica Penny, in her first Sportshall, had to compete on her own although did get the chance to do one of the relays with another member of a club who turned up late. Several athletes were late due to a 4-mile traffic jam near Hadlow College for their Lambing day. The teams all did well coming up against the Kent School Champions from Claremont school who had 7 teams entered.

    Hayden Velvick in team 1 scored a PB in his speed bounce with 56 bounces making him =2nd while partner Lucy Tallon jumped 52 also an excellent score for =6th. They were 2nd fastest in their 2-lap hurdle race. Joining them was Freya Kirk- Martin and Liam Simms who came in as a last minute substitute doing the Standing L/Jump 1.62m and 1.61m respectively and the Foam javelin throw both throwing 11.50m. The team finished 5th just 0.5 of a point behind Folkestone. In team 2 Alex Gray teamed up with John Janse. Alex jumped 1.66m in the St L/Jump and John 1.44, but the pair ran the fastest time in the 2 lap flat race, a whole second faster than any other team. Alex Stone threw 13.50m in the Foam javelin a PB. Chloe Exall’s best event was the Vertical Jump scoring 36cm. Team 2 came 6th. Team 3 made up of Liam O’Neil and Grace Hughes and Joe Stone and Demi Barker, came 9th. Liam did best of the Paddock Wood team throwing 13.75m in the Foam Javelin and Grace 13.50m Joe Stone and partner Demi Barker both jumped 46 in the Speed bounce. Justin Gregory was the clubs best Long jumper of the day in Team 4 jumping 1.76m, Joshua Douglas in his first Sportshall jumped 1.62m they were joined by Ollie Jury and Harvey White who has improved in every event he has done this season throwing the Foam javelin 12m and  jumping 37cm in the Vertical Jump.  The team finished in 14th place. In the U/13 girls, Kimberley Garcia came 3rd in the 2lap race (24.3s) and Poppy Jury jumped 40cm in the Vertical Jump. They joined up with Swale to make a team and won Gold Medals. U/13 Javier Sequeira in his first ever Sportshall found his best event to be the Speed Bounce where he bounced 57 times. Aiden O’Neil improved vastly on his Vertical jump improving by 7 cm on his previous attempt. U/15 Finlay Hollyer did a PB of 73 in the speed Bounce to win that event and also jumped a PB in his vertical Jump 53cm. The club now looks forward to the outdoor track season.

  • Sportshall – Swanley – 7th February 2016

    Harvey Fordham from Paddock Wood AC broke his own county Standing Triple Jump record the previous weekend at the Swanley Sportshall meeting. Harvey was determined to get the record and is aiming to break the Standing Long Jump record at the last meeting of the season at Tunbridge Wells on the 13th March. He jumped 6.90m, 8cm more than his previous record. Harvey is in the Kent U/11 Sportshall team due to compete at Burgess Hill in the Southeast Final of Fun in Athletics. Harvey also won the Ball Push 6.75m. Team 1 were 2 short of the team that won best Club at the County Champs, but Martha Peachey and Freya Kirk–Martin joined Lucy Tallon to make up the team. Martha Peachey came 3rd in the Speed Bounce with 54 bounces with partner Lucy Tallon jumping 49. Lucy did well in the Vertical Jump with 37cm putting her in 7th place with Martha jumping 36cm. Freya jumped 4.33m in the Standing Triple jump. The team came equal 2nd winning team Silver. Team 2 consisting of Liam O’Neil, Chloe Exall, Alex Gray and Joe Stone. Alex was 6th in the Ball Push 5.50m and 8th in the Triple Jump 5.34m and Joe Stone jumped 4.98m.  In the Speed Bounce Chloe Exall produced a PB with 50 bounces. Liam O’Neil jumped 36cm in the Vertical Jump. Team 2 came 6th. In Team 3 Erin Clarke did well in the Speed Bounce with 48 bounces, Mathew Brown had a good triple Jump with 4.34m, Oliver Jury jumped 4,16m. Newcomer Harvey White in his first Sportshall competitions leapt 33cm in his Vertical jump and the team came 12th. In the U/13 girls, Poppy Jury did events she had not done before including the Shot. Despite not having the chance to practice, she did well with 3.50m and jumped 1.74 in the Standing Long Jump. Aiden O’Neil improves every time he competes. In his Speed bounce, he increased his score from 44 to 51. In the U/15 boys James O’Gorman won the Gold Medal for the best performance wining 3 out of the 5 events with his Shot of 10.06 some 3 m better than the 2nd placed competitor. Ted Peachy joined James with his best result being the Speed Bounce of 74. Both are in the County team for the regional Finals in March.

  • Sportshall – Stour Centre, Ashford- Kent Championships – 6th December 2015

    On Sunday, Paddock Wood AC young athletes travelled to The Stour Centre Ashford for the Kent County Sportshall Athletics Championships. The club had four complete teams but because of illness could only field 3 out of 4 athletes for the fifth team. After winning last time the club’s first team had a lot stronger opposition with 29 U/11 teams taking part.

    Harvey Fordham once again could not be beaten in the Standing Long Jump, jumping 2.16m; partner Holly Tapp jumped 1.82m putting the pair in 2nd position overall. However, they did win the trophies for the Overhead Ball throw with Harvey again wining with 9.75m and Holly 8.75m. The other pair in the team did the speed bounce with Dillon Dew jumping 54 bounces and Freya Kirk- Martin jumping 55. Dillon was 3rd in the Vertical jump with 50 cm, helping to keep the team up amongst the top 5. After the Hurdles race and Obstacle relay it bought the team up to 3rd to win the Bronze medals and the Cup for the Best Club in the competition. Team 4, with 2 newcomers to Sportshall, did exceptionally well coming 11th ahead of team 2 and 3. Hayden Velvick did well in the Speed Bounce with 55 bounces and came 8th out of 47 in the Standing Long Jump with 1.89m. Jamie Flinton partnered Hayden jumping 1.67m in the Standing Long Jump. Mathew Brown threw 6.50m in the Seated Overhead Ball Throw, John Janse jumped 40cm in the Vertical jump, and a good run in the flat race bought them up to 11th. Team 2 also had great individual results with Martha Peachy jumping 58 bounces in the Speed Bounce coming 4th, a PB, and Alex Stone doing 49 bounces. Joe Stone did 35cm in the Vertical Jump as did Erin Clarke and the team finished 20th. Team 3 had newcomer Joe Flinton in the Speed Bounce with 45 bounces – this was an excellent score but the winner jumped 60 bounces and the top 29 all jumped 50 or more. Ollie Jury joined him in the team in his first Sportshall jumping 43 bounces, Chloe Exall threw 4.25m in the Ball Throw and Alex Gray jumped 1.62m in the Standing Long Jump.  Team 5 unfortunately only had 3 athletes so with someone going ill overnight and someone else dropping out on the Thursday, it meant that Justin Gregory had not got a partner but this not stop his enthusiasm jumping 1.67m in the Standing Long Jump  and 43cm in the Vertical Jump. Twins Megan and Jake Frankel joined together with their best result coming in the Vertical Jump with Jake jumping 33cm and Megan 25cm. In the U/13 girls Poppy Jury won a Bronze Medal in the  Standing Long Jump 1.83m and Kimberly Garcia won a Bronze in the 4 Lap Race (55.9s) both in their first Sportshall. Mollie Dew jumped 75 bounces in the Speed Bounce and 42cm in the Vertical Jump. James O’Gorman won a Silver medal in the U/15 boys Shot Putt with 9.89m and Finlay Hollyer Jumped a PB in the Standing Triple Jump 6.44m. The only U/15 girl competing was Erin Frankel who jumped 45cm in the Vertical Jump and did 78 bounces in the Speed Bounce.


  • Sportshall – Folkestone – 15th November 2015

    The previous weekend saw Paddock Wood AC youngster at the second Sportshall meeting of the season, which was held at Folkestone Sports Centre. After being 2nd last time by only 2 points, Paddock Wood Team 1 were determined to do better this time even though there were 19 teams to compete against – but win they did, taking the team gold medals with 5 points to spare over the second place team. Harvey Fordham, who remains unbeaten in the jumps, won the Standing Long Jump with 2.18m. His partner Holly Tapp came 3rd with 1.92, a PB. Harvey also won the foam javelin with 17.25m. Holly threw 12.75m. The other pair in the team did well, with Dillon Dew placed 2nd in the Speed bounce with 56 bounces and Lucy Tallon scoring 48.  Dillon was 5th in the vertical Jump with 45cm while Lucy jumped 40cm. Lucy is only 9years old. They won the Obstacle Relay and came 3rd overall in the Under and Over relay. Despite a slight mix up the takeover Lucy Tallon caught up to win their heat. Paddock Wood 2 did well to come 5th with Martha Peachey doing 55 bounces in the Speed Bounce and partner Alex Stone 48. Freya Kirk Martin and John Janse did the foam Javelin. John threw 11.50m and Freya 9.75m. In the Vertical jump; they both did 39cm. In the same team Alex Stone jumped 1.71m in the Long Jump with Martha jumping 1.55. Due to illness team 3 were 2 athletes down so they joined with Folkestone to make up a team. Grace Hughes jumped 1.63m in the Standing Long Jump with Mathew Brown 1.45m .In the Speed Bounce Grace did 44 bounces and Mathew 37. The mixed team came 14th.

    In the U/15 girls, Sam Hockey had an excellent vertical jump with 49cm and in her Speed Bounce she achieved 78 bounces. Amy Bateman was not feeling too well so just did the Shot, Triple Jump and Vertical Jump where she did 45cm.  In the U/15 boys Finlay Hollyer jumped 6.33m in the Standing Triple Jump and 51cm in the Vertical Jump to gain 3rd place overall and claimed a gold medal in a mixed team award. The next Sportshall is the County Champs at Ashford on the 6th December.

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